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ZestMoney is the fastest way to pay using EMI even if you do not have a credit card. Using its completely online process you can pay for your entire cart amount in EMIs of your choice as and when made available to you by our lending partners. Loans taken through our platform have some of the highest approval rates and zero pre-closure charges.


ZestMoney EMI Customer care

Call:  +91-6269000097


ZestMoney  Complaint Number

if you have had an experience which doesn’t meet your expectations and wish to escalate the same, please mail us at complaints@zestmoney.in or call us at +91-6269000097

Grievance Redressal Official

Customers are requested to address all their grievances at the first instance to the Grievance Redressal Official. The contact details of the Grievance Redressal Official are as provided below.

Bhavya G | Manager Operations

Address: ZestMoney (Camden Town Technologies Pvt Ltd),
Ground & Third Floor, Indiqube Celestia,
Site No. 19 & 20, Koramangala 1A Block,
Koramangala, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560034

Email ID: bhavya@zestmoney.in

Phone Number: +91-6269000097

The Grievance Redressal Official may be reached on the contact number provided above anytime between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM on weekdays except public holidays or through the e-mail address above. The Grievance Redressal Official shall endeavour to resolve the grievance within a period of fifteen days from the date of receipt of a grievance.

About  ZestMoney

ZestMoney is a new technology platform that helps on-line shoppers split the cost of big purchases over 2–12m, easily and quickly with minimal paperwork and hassle.

ZestMoney is at the checkout of some of the best e-commerce portals, as a new payment option. ZestMoney only works with genuine e-commerce companies who they have checked and ensured have authentic products and proper systems for delivery and returns. ZestMoney would not work with a portal who did not meet these clear standards.


Q. How to check my available credit limit?

Ans. Request you to give a missed call to 9513650707 from your registered phone number and you will receive an SMS with your available credit limit.
Source :  www.zestmoney.in/help/

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2 thoughts on “ZestMoney”

  1. I have been trying to close this loan from almost 2 years, but noone is really helping me neither Zestmoney Support nor the merchant ( Cellbuddy).

    The real issue what has happened :

    1. At first while asking for a loan ,due to the improper behaviour of the sales person, we have asked him to cancel the loan. We never signed the loan agreement paper, you can check in your Database.

    As per Loan agreement 24000 was to be paid to merchant – was never paid to merchant
    If I am not wrong the Loan should be processed after customer signature – we never did signature nor submitted any form back to wiseapp sales person.

    2. Zest support is asking us to contact the merchant and asking for cancellation letter submission – Merchant is not in partnership with zestmoney since 2020, and also confirmed on call that they never got the payment.

    IF Zestmoney is confirming that the amount has been paid to the merchant, you should provide us with the transaction details or any valid proof on basis of which I can ask the merchant that the amount has been paid.

    The merchant is in Mumbai and it’s in lockdown due to the rising count of corona ,so it’s very risky to go as a customer.

    As per other finance companies they should contact merchant directly, not asking customer to go and talk on behalf of their loan, why a customer should go to a merchant if he is not getting money on his bank account.

    • Please my loan my account