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What is Manufacturer Refurbished ?


Most of the people think that refurbs are faulty products hastily pushed on to the next consumer (rejects!). But in many cases refurbished electronics are a great steal—”good as new” computers, TVs, stereos, mobile devices, etc. that cost much less and last at least as long as their brand-new counterparts. The key to buying refurbished electronics without having problems is knowing where to buy.

What Does “Refurbished” Mean?

Although the word “refurbished” may conjure up not-so-reassuring images of retailers and manufacturers resurrecting defective products, lots of items fall under the “refurbished” umbrella. Types of reasons products get labelled refurbished include:


What is Manufacturer Refurbished?

Manufacturer Refurbished / Brand Refurbished products are generally as good as new, might have minor cosmetic issues, but no hardware issues as a round of testing (and repair if required) would have already been completed by the manufacturer, and covered by the trusted warranty.

  • Customer returns: Sometimes customer’s returns a product for a refund without even opening the box or using the item at all. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the item can’t be sold as new and has to be offered as a refurbished product—often at a deep discount (around 15% to 30%).
  • Shipping or exterior damage: Minor scratches or dents to the product during shipment would force a retailer to return it to the manufacturer and put on the refurbish checkout lane.
  • Demo units: Demonstration units used at trade shows, retail stores, or product reviewers may be repackaged as refurbished items.
  • Opened box: Opened box can mean anything. Technically, there should be no issue and the item is “like new,” but the box was simply
  • Production Defects: If a defect in one part is found, manufacturers might repair the returned defective units and sell them or send them to retailers as refurbished units.
  • Used Products: Many Company’s or customers use the products for a particular period and then upgrade their products to the latest configurations available in the market and these products will be working fine without any problem and will have no requirement of repairs. Many companies return the leased equipment’s after a committed period and these are serviced and sold under the refurbished category.

List of Best website to buy Manufacturer Refurbished with

Manufacturer warranty

In India, none of the manufacturers directly seem to sell refurbished products. Thus they are sold through third parties and its difficult to identify the genuine ones. These third parties are spread across Amazon, eBay and other websites as well. Few of the significant ones even run their own websites to sell such products.

Amazon Renewed

Official Website : amazon.in/Renewed

Amazon Renewed is a program where you can discover and buy quality unboxed and refurbished products that have been tested and certified to work and look like new by a qualified technician or a specialized third-party refurbisher. Unboxed products are unused new products that have been returned by customers for various reasons. Refurbished products are products that have been repaired or restored to a like-new condition. Products sold on Amazon Renewed will show minimal to no signs of wear and tear, and looks like new to the naked eye when held 12 inches away. They perform all the functions promised by the manufacturer at the time of sale and have all the standard accessories sold with the original product in working condition. Products sold on Amazon Renewed come with a minimum 6 month supplier-backed warranty. Only select sellers that maintain a high quality and performance bar are allowed to their products on Amazon Renewed.


Official website : 2gud.com

India’s best website to buy wide range of products including Electronics, Books, Cloths, Accessories, Home furnishing and much more.


Official Website : www.togofogo.com

For any query call on 9650002107 between 09:30 to 18:30 IST

Togofogo, an online marketplace for buying and selling of pre-owned and refurbished smartphones, has announced an exclusive partnership with Lenovo for selling the latter’s refurbished laptops with one-year brand warranty on its website. All Mobiles sold on Togofogo undergo a rigorous Quality Check process through Mobile Health Diagnostics Software called QUTrust and we provide 1 year warranty through our brand WarrantyBazaar.

Electronics Bazaar

Official website:  www.electronicsbazaar.com
Call @ +91-8291599914 / 8657590227 / 8657540427

Electronics Bazaar is a Dell refurbished products. Electronics Bazaar is a pioneer in B2B E- Distribution. We have partnered with more than 45,000 retailers across 1,200 cities in India, giving us a platform to reach out to retailers in the remotest parts of the country who cater to million+ verified customers.

Worth it

Official Website: www.worthit.in
Call: 080-25357565
Email :  mail@madhuinfotech.com

Worth It provide real pictures of products on his website so that you can identify the visual defects etc. They even put a grade and give a description of any issues. You can raise for return within 48 hours after delivery. If you are from Bengaluru, you can visit Worthit warehouse and take a look at the product.


Official Website:  www.greendust.com

GreenDust has a wider range of products in their listing including electronics, home appliances, accessories, mobiles, tablets, notebooks etc. This seems to be a market place like Amazon or eBay and allow multiple sellers to sell products. They have even mentioned that the products carry one year warranty, but it is advised to read through all terms and conditions as multiple sellers are involved in this website.


Official Website: http://renewit.in/
Sales Inquiry – sales@renewit.in
Service issues – service@renewit.in
For any service issues, contact MR. Neelkantiah @ 9845291603
For service, call 7676760015
For sales, call 7676760015

ReNew is Microsoft authorized refurbisher. they offer a six-month warranty. ReNew IT was founded in 2009 by an alumnus of IIM Calcutta. The primary goal of our company is to increase the number of high-quality, low-cost PCs and related parts and accessories available to Students, NGOs, Small Businesses and other users. We mainly source computers from large MNCs – refurbish and remarket them. This helps bridge the large digital divide that exists in a country of over a billion people.


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