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Voltas AC installation Customer care



Voltas AC installation Customer care


What is my coverage under standard installation?

Installation Details
A standard installation of air-conditioners covers only:
1) Drilling of holes into a brick wall for taking out the pipes
2) Fixing a hole sleeve & Cap.
3) Fixing & Connecting indoor and outdoor units using the standard Kit provided by the manufacturer
5) Wrapping the pipe with seasoning tape
Not covered as part of standard Installation charges are:
1) Outdoor unit stand – Rs. 750-1000.(Approx )
2) Extra copper wire – Rs. 600-800(Approx ) per meter (Two sized copper pipes will be used)
3) Drainpipe extension- Rs. 80- 110 per meter.(Approx )
4) Wiring extension from the meter to the installation site – Rs. 90 per meter.
5) Vinyl tape roll -Rs. 80-110(Approx )
6) Dismantling/Shifting of the old AC’s – Rs. 700-800(Approx )
7) Closing the holes with White Cement – on Actuals
8) Stabilizer
9) Plumbing and masonry work
10) Power-point/MCB fitting and any other electrical work
11) Carpentry work.
12) Core cutting fabrication and electrical.
Note: we highly recommend to use standard & authorized accessories Only. In case the customer arranges accessories by his own, Brand Service Engineer might refuse &/or ask for labor charges for fixing these accessories.



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