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“SBI Pay” (UPI App of SBI) is a payment solution that allows account holders of Banks participating in UPI to send and receive money from their smart phones with a virtual payment address which is the identifier. No additional details are required to be used other than the Virtual payment address.

In SBI UPI there is also a complaint box in which you can file all your complaints and resolve them.


SBI PAY Complaints

If I have any issue with UPI transactions, how can I raise a complaint?

  • Login to BHIM SBI Pay

  • Click on History to view All in Recent Transactions

  • Select the transaction and Click Raise Dispute button

  • Select Dispute type, enter Remark.

  • Click Submit

If there is any other query or complaint you can also write to

What if my account is debited but the transaction does not go through?
  • Raise a dispute through the App.

  • UPI provides for reversal mechanism for technical declines.

  • The amount would be transferred back to your account on T+2 days after the beneficiary bank verifies at their end and advises to the remitter bank.

Can I put a stop payment request for funds transferred by BHIM SBI Pay?
  • No, once the payment is initiated, you cannot stop the transaction.

  • You have to contact the beneficiary through your Bank to get a refund.

Where do I register a complaint with reference to the BHIM SBI Pay transaction?
  • You can raise your grievance or check status of BHIM SBI Pay transaction through the UPI App of the participating banks and also send an email to

  • You can register your complaints and seek clarifications also on the following Toll Free numbers viz. 1800112211 & 18004253800

#Procedure followed by the Bank:-
When you file a complaint, Bank will into the issue and try to resolve it at earliest possible opportunities. If the complaints doesn’t get resolved within 3 business days and needs more time to investigate it, then, in that case Bank will write a letter to let you know about the status of your complaint within 8 weeks. This letter will contain the final response of bank and the next further steps that Bank will take(in case the issue not resolved), to keep the situation positive for you.

How to file Complaint:-

1. You can register your complaints and seek clarifications also on the following Toll Free numbers viz. 1800112211 & 18004253800 , Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm.

2. Online:- Filling the Complaint form online or by mailing your Complaint on

#Documents required to file Complaint:-
1. Your account details
2. Description of Complaint
3. Date and time when the problem occurred
4. A preferred contact number(more suitable the registered number).


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