SBI Chairman Email ID Customer Care Number. email id

SBI Chairman Email ID


Dinesh Kumar Khara, managing director at State Bank of India (SBI), takes over as SBI’s chairman effective today. The Government on Tuesday appointed Dinesh Kumar Khara as chairman of the bank for three years effective from October 7.

SBI Chairman Email ID

SBI Chairman
Shri Dinesh Kumar Khara

Shri Ashwani Bhatia

SBI MD (Corporate Banking Group) 
Shri Arijit Basu

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  1. Sbi se costumar to paresan he hi he amploye bi paresan he Sarver chalta nhi inka badnam employees hote he employees ki koi sunne Bala nhi he meri wife ki postings hometown se 700 km dur he mera 4 years ka beta he vichara ma se mil hi nhi pata meri wife mere liyee marne ke saman he

  2. Myself Priyadarshi sbi account no 30127337971 in Athmallik branch.ifsc SBIN0000234. My money problem since corona salary account under PSP. I want a loan.plz help me sir.i need money anyhow. Before pandemic my cibil above 750.plz consider

  3. Maine abi card ke liye apply Kiya tha application number – 2517608045119 .
    Ye card to card apply Kiya Gaya tha aur mera cibil score bhi accha hai aur ye application meri reject kar diya gaya hai … Kis baat pe ye mujhe bataye plz

  4. Dear Sir,

    This is regarding SBI- Kandivili Branch (10899).

    I have several USD FD’s which were due for maturity in July and Aug 21. Kept sending reminders to send me the copies of the renewed FD’s. Finally after making many calls and reminders- they finally send me the copies in Oct 21 with the following discrepancies
    1) New FD issued in single name wheras the original was in Joint names
    2) Nominee shown Nil wheras there is a Nominee
    3) Principal amount and Maturity amouts shows same (FD;s were made on cumulative terms)

    After pointing our the discrepancies- they have issued new FD’s starting from Nov. with the reason that they cannot issue back date.
    I am a banker myself and I am aware it can be done. Since Nov I have been following up with your customer service dept- but the only reply I get is ” we apologize the inconvenience caused and shall get back to you in 48 hours. Till date this issue is pending.

    I have even sent email’s t the chairman’s office but still no action has been take. Since last ten days I have been trying to call- but no reply.-

    The branch is so useless, that the manager is asking me the rate of conversion from Indian Rupees to US$ when I needed a certificate for the embassy purpose. They have issued me incorrect certificate of US$ 38 Million which I never had in my account.

    There are many blunders I can talk about- but currently I need my FD’s with the correct value date as I do not receive my funds on the actual date (July 2022)- I intend to file a case against the Bank

    looking forward to your response

  5. Dear sir,
    I would like to inform u that i am a customer of sbi bank which is located in navi mumbai airoli sector 8.
    I am requesting u to take the action to the branch employees they r not helping the customer and the branch securitie is given the time come on next day only for passbook i want and i am going on branch timing and they r saying we r distributing the passbook on 10 o’clock i m going from last 2 days today also i gone on 12 pm but they r saying come on monday for passbook 10 am so i request to that lady manager give me complaint e mail id she is saying i dont no and i said to that lady you can help me for passbook she is saying we having so much of work dont ask me so they had not given the passbook till now after that they said go to service manager so that person told me come after 3 pm so they will provide passbook.
    Service manager helped me.
    Regarding this inconvenience you have to take the action against them.
    Meena mudaliyar

  6. सेवा में,

    श्रीमान प्रबंधक महोदय जी,

    स्टेट बैंक ऑफ़ इंडिया,

    सविनय निवेदन इस प्रकार हे की , मेरा खाता आपके बैंक में जुलाई-2021 को खोला गया था जिसका उद्देश्य विकलांग पेंशन आना था ,

    विकलांग होने के कारण मेरा खाता बैंक के कर्मचारी दुआर मेरे घर पर ही खोला गया बैंक खाता खोलने के लिये बैंक का कर्मचारी

    के दुआर विकलांग की घर जाकर पुष्टि करी गयी और बैंक खाता खोला गया और साथ में ATM भी Issue किया गया.

    परन्तु जब मेरा लड़का ATM लेने बैंक गया तो ब्रांच मेनेजर (हर्ष तिवारी ) ने उसे ATM देने को मना कर दिया और जो कहा वो निचे लिखा हें.

    ब्रांच मैनेजर ने लडके को ATM नही दिया और कहा विकलांग लोगों का खाता नही खुलता हे इसे बंद कर दिया जाये.

    लडके ने कहा सर यह खाता विकलांग पेंशन के लिए खोला गया है आप ऐसा करिए जैसे बैंक के कर्मचारी को घर भेजकर जांच करके खाता खोला गया था उसी प्रकार आप बैंक के कर्मचारी दुआर ATM खाता धारक को प्रदान करे. ताकि वो अपनी विकलांग पेंशन को निकलने में समर्थ हो.

    लकिन ब्रांच मैनेजर ने मना कर दिया और कहा की इस खाता धारक का ना ATM और ना ही हम NET BANKING प्रदान कर सकते.

    आप ही बताईये में विकलांग आदमी अपनी विकलांग पेंशन कसे निकालू बैंक में जा नही सकता एक ही लड़का हे मेरे वो प्राइवेट नौकरी करता हे उसे आप दे नही रहे हो.

    कृपया करके मेरी इस समस्या का समाधान करो.


  7. Sir I’m costomer of sbi branch station road opposite bn College udaipur my check is not clear at yet today is my 6th day but my check is not cleared and please do something

  8. Dear Sir,
    I would like to inform you that Iam a customer of SBI Branch Amlai (SBIN0001428), my A/c No 10788497771 by the name of Melvin Dariyao (Mob: 9039155167). I am unable to withdraw amount more than 50,000/- as the SBI Branch Amlai (SBIN0001428) opens after 12am, after that also the main gate is closed and only selected customers are allowed to enter the branch with an excuse of social distancing. The outdoor counters for deposit and withdrawal are permanently closed. On asking for the Regional Officer or Zonal Officers number wrong numbers are provided by the branch Manager. Please advise

    Melvin Dariyao
    Mob: 9039155167, 7987679443

  9. Your Credit Card Employee Name is Smt. Anamika ( Branch Pushpa Bhawan New Delhi-110062) hacked my Gmail id and they also accept that they changed my mobile number from my id. your credit card the employee is fully fraude and they publish personal credit cards information to other and i will put up the case against her, sir i suggest you please remove this kind of staff immediately because the Employee like Anamika is very bad and they give wrong advice to your customer. As soon as Please fire this kind of staff. I request you to take immediate action regarding my complaint because till date no action is taken regarding. Sir with respect I want to tell you Suspect has given the email id many persons and his daily change the mobile no and password. Sir this email id is so important to me because I link the document in this email like an adhar card, pan card and all the documents and this email was linked with my bank, adhar card, Credit card, Paytm etc

  10. My name is Vinod Kumar.i forget my password but I went to sbi website they us Last 7 days technical issues how long need to wait us please solve the issue .I also attached registered mobile number 9876582061

  11. Myself Priyadarshi purohit
    My sbi account no 30127337971
    It’s my salary account since 2007
    I have 2 loan civil score low .because my father income low after covid my loan account overdue.i want to renew my loan.otherwise 6 month plz help me.

  12. Respected Sir,
    Good Evening
    I am defence Pensioner having PPO no 349200916491 with A/c no 10324494533 getting PRO Rata pension from CPPC Patna. CPPC patna has not added the facility of OROP in pension payment but same is implemented by your CPPC Allahabad This pension is compliance of court order..
    I sent mail to CPPC patna for same but no reply received from CPPC received after one month . They are not providing the detail of the TDS being deducted on pension . How TDS was calculated on pension. They have deducted the TDS @20% where as I was not coming under tax compliance during initial period. I requested for same but no reply received from CPPC patna.
    You are requested to intervene into this and instruct CPPC patna to do the needful urgently.

    Amar Kumar Mishra
    Mob No 7079750080

  13. Mudra loan SBI Branch Sandeep Nahin deta hai bihar Branch SBIN0007094Ac 31032739318

  14. Dear Sir,

    My case was very old and happened in the month of april 2021, and after so many complaints no positive response i have received from SBI so far. This is very unfortunate that india’s largest bank don’t bother to reply to his customer in this type of very serious case.
    i have asked to provide the CCTV footage of that day to solve this issue but no body is ready to prove the same, now i have received the mail that has action been taken I WANT TO KNOW THAT WHAT TYPE OF ACTIO NAHS BEEN TAKEN BY THE SBI.

    Need your reply on urgent basis

    Thanks & Regards

    Surender Pal

  15. Respected Chairman, I am associated with the bank as I have a home loan, and never opened an SB a/c due to pandemic. Finally I went to my branch in Manesar and where already I have my home loan and requested them to open an SB a/c. Then as usual I was asked to fill a regular form, which I did and submitted ! But to my surprise I found that my surname is spelt wrong in the a/c passbook. When I enquired they asked me to wait for 30min. And I waited finally nothing happened and headed home disappointed,but they assured me it is done. Today I received my cheque book and see that my sur name is spelt wrong. Do u think I need to go back again in this pandemic and spend so much time and energy and fill again forms. Whose is responsible me or the bank ?

  16. I am T Varaprasad scientist from ISRO Sriharikota suffered unauthorised 4 transactions from my SBI account and lost 60000/- rupees. As SBI customer service failed to block my account saying that they are unable to lock my account etc, I lost 10000/- again for which SBI is brutally responsible. I believe SBI also indulging in these frauds.
    Not able to register thru SBI customer service even after calling 10 times, SBI customer service is mere useless system.
    I couldn’t communicate to SBI authorities in any way
    Complained to PRIME MINISTER OFFICE also.

    Poor Indian citizens are in dangerous condition wrt SBI concern.

    God only save us

  17. Dear Mr Dinesh Kumar Khara,

    My name is parvathamma sulire, i am neither account holder of SBI nor have any credit card of any banks. I have been harrassed by your SBI credit card recovery staff unnecessarily and they are impolite, they are often calling by saying to clear the credit card dues and in a abusive language.

    They are causing me the psychological disorder by talking in a inappropriate manner.

    My humble request you to look after case and ask them to call a appropriate person who is responsible for the credit card payment.

    Thank you.

  18. Respected Sir
    I am your sincere and True Customer I am not properly responded by your RACPC Team SBi Ayyapanthangal where My construction was not progressed due to Inappropriate Disbursement of Fund I am struggling to get a proper response. Request your intervention

  19. Sir,my grandfather father is daith two year ago.whom account have some money but stat bank manager are not given my money.I have dedth certificate and all document but stat bank of india branch shamkauriya manager are not given money cheque.please sir I humble request to you help me.I am poor family address is samkauriya ps isuaa pur pin 841411

  20. Sir, I request to you that my grandfather is died for two years ago.but state bank of india branch shamkauriya district saran pin no_841411 of manager are not given my money.I have deaths of satificate my grandfather whom name, Latif miyan.sir, please I requested one you said bank manager that my money name is firoj ali at bhagwan pur post sahwan ps isuaa pur district saran

  21. Respected Sir.
    I’m a foriegn student at Jamia hamdard medical college New delhi India. My savings account number was put on hold as tax purpose they said. Sir i don’t understand why they will put a student account on hold which i deposited 150000rs on it on 9/06/2021 which the many was meant for my 20% course fees and am a student for christ sake am so depressed and devastated since few days now. I need to pay my fees and i don’t have any cash with me right now to solve my rent and feeding too. This money it’s my life now. I’m tired crying. Branch name Palam Dabri Mor Mahavir enclave new delhi India.

    Branch code. 11564.


    AlLREADY FOR MORE THANN 4M NTHS HAS GONE IBut your services is too delay and very lazy ???????

  23. SBI CSP KI AC OPENNING MINOR TO MAJOR PRODUCT CODE LIMIT COVID BILL AND passbook first page print AC NO 1 din me mil jaye ye sari samsya ko aap logo se nivedan hai ki solve kraye

  24. These duffers will not reply to our requests because all are same from top to bottom Sabrina chor hai instead they will help each other and instead of taking a strong action on their manerless employees they will just ignor our requests and throw it in trashcan’s and will laugh at our requests sitting beside it so it’s better to move on to the other banks there are tons of good banks and bank employees who really gives value to the customers time and values their needs so i request to all let’s all give them opportunity I hope everyone will understand Chettri.

  25. Epfo kyc not aproved bank in 5 days state bank of India branch MAJITHA

  26. Respected Sir,

    You staff has literally mentally harassed me. It has been 4 months now and i have still not received any Resolution on my complain yet. Why is it taking this long? Why are your nodal officers and branch managers useless and so incompetent on providing a resolution to customers. Are they no provided with enough resources to take their jobs seriously?
    Please take action on my complain now or at the earliest.
    I am looking for a compensation now. It is just because of your staff being so lazy, slow and incompetent.
    Let me know if you want me to take them to court.

  27. I did try to inform SBI through many of channels but I didn’t get any response so I feel that now
    SBI also doing fake business SBI cheating people please just stop your fake business what you doing through broker

  28. Dear sir mam I would like to inform one of Indian people as per him his name is Rajesh Kumar he works in SBI as branch manager he said me that I have prize money from WhatsApp company in SBI.he gave me SBI voucher then he took lots of money from me.
    After that I knew that was cheated by him.
    I want Informed how do you careless?how do you gave your bank slip to broker I need your inquiry

  29. To
    The Chairman
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    On 9th Oct, I have done online quick transfer (Ref: IHN6070780, IMPS147993099) of Rs 9105 to Allahabad Bank Account No 20296488975 (City Montessori School ) with IFSC Code ALLA0210571 from my SBI account 10864029466 to pay the tuition fee of my daughter. Later I came to know from the school authority that the amount was not deposited into the Allahabad Bank Account No 20296488975 as desired. I enquired from the Manager, SBI, CDRI and it was learnt that the amount had been deposited to SBI Account No 20296488975 (Subodh Kumar Nath of Orissa).
    The manager, SBI, CDRI branch gave me the contact no of SBI, Branch CHANDOL, Phone number 06727-268439, Branch Code 002038. I subsequently keep on reminding both the managers of SBI, CDRI branch and SBI, Branch CHANDOL to know the status of my transaction. Both of them have been telling me that the problem will be solved as early as possible. It has been more than six months now. Finally I made an online complain via SBI customer care few weeks back and complain no is Customer Care Case: 50431075. But both the managers have assured me that the problem will be solved and there is no need to lodge FIR in this case. Kindly do the needful so that the amount of Rs 9105 may be deposited back to my account SBI 10864029466. If anything else I need to do, kindly let me know.
    With best regards
    Gautam Panda

  30. Sir as per Governor RBI and chairman SBI no account should be freezed for KYC update in this pendamic situation.But my account is freezed by the Kadma Jamshedpur branch.
    As per the convince of the branch I
    have sent scanned copy of my Adhar card in the mail address of the branch but still no action has been taken by the branch.

  31. My yono app parsnol lon ofer but not secusfully bank account crdit tenccnical ushe try agane plse hepl me

  32. मा. महोदय,
    शाखाधिकारी स्टेट बँक कर्जत द्वारा विभिन्न प्रकारके उत्पीडन तथा कई बार प्रशासन को तक्रारे करने पर भी अभी तक कोई भी कार्यावाही नही हुई. बेवजह्से interbank fees के तहत वसुली,3 बार मेरे SCSS के खातोमे हेराफेरी,2 महिनोतक बेवजह्से मेरे FD का भुगतान ना करना,मेरे बचत खाते का 2018 मे बन्द होनेपर भी उसी खाते पर कई ATM तथा GRC कार्ड जारी रखणा और आज 040521 को बगैर किसी संमती से या OTP से yono ने मेरे खाते से बिजली देयक रु 1940 काट लिया ज्यो पिछले महिनेमे मैने भुगतान किया. इन मामलो कि गम्भीरता जानकर यथाशिघ्र कार्यवाही करे.

  33. I am your account holder for more than 10 years,I am senior citizens of 70 year,have visited Mayur Vihar ph 2 branch after an year or so ,till such time Mrs Jha has joined branch manager
    I requested her to locate my passbook ,which I have left for updating,some times your printer is not working ,or concerned person is not there,so we do leave our passbook for for updating and collect it next time During last 10 years ,I have interacted ,many of the good branch managers,
    Unfortunately my experience last time was very bad ,she refused to listen me ,and said as no body is authorised to receive pass book,so it’s not here ,better you go, her behaviour was very arrogant ,adamant ,and I’ll mannered,having passed such a tough competition ,an officer should be mild and we’ll behaved,I am gentlemen of 70 years and retired from PSU at very senior position,
    Never mind,she must appreciate ,that people coming to her office have more banking experience than her age
    In fact at the time she was busy with a guest ,enjoying coffee and snacks,and at the time I was was unwanted guests
    In fact MAHATMA GANDHI has wrongly said that CUSTOMER is king,he is our source of income ,bread and butter
    I have account with,axis,Indus Ind,canarabank,Indian overseas,idfc,yes Bank and kotak MAHINDRA,never experienced such a bad culture ,staff over there is very cool , cultured,as their job is not as safe as SBI

    Pl reply per return and action taken against Mrs jha

  34. Dear Sir,

    our house keeping unlce have savings account holder in Branch Code 060402 surat(gujarat) and we have going for cash withdrawal in Piplod brnach 060467 surat(gujarat),
    In branch cashier is misbehave us for cash withdrawal reason for prove your their identity, and also talk with hard language, our house keeping uncle at present done sign in front of cashier and sign also match thereafter he was demanding id proof, our house keeping uncle have not shown id proof, but they have cheque book but cashier has cant hear their excuse , uncle age is more than 50,
    and also we have going on next day and excuse with manager for your cashier misbehave,
    but he has also only given excuse not given satisfy answer for that,
    i can’t understand sir if account holder at present why demanding id proof ,
    he has withdrawal money for household exp, why sbi staff not cooperate like as private bank employee,
    he know that nobody taken any action against them,

    • sir we have cash withdrawal only 20000 in non home Piplod brnach 060467, and also sir i have shown that cashier divert their work given any excuse,
      so please sir promote any young and intelligent employee instead of old employee otherwise given proper training to use sbi software

  35. Not happy with the services provided by SBI Jal nagar vijayapur branch code 15320 , & also RAC & RO of vijayapur 586101

  36. Dear Mr Dinesh Kumar khara ji ,

    I have continuously esclating this issue to everyone and mailing to everyone but I don’t know why your executive always given false and wrong commitment in every call..

    2 days back I have received a call from your esclating team but they didn’t understand my concern and haven’t resolve my issue till date ..

    I don’t understand your executive poor services .

    Now I request you kindly look into that matter and resolve this problem on priority basis..

    As per last conversation with your executive Mrs Aditi ,

    She told me kindly wait for some time I will update you shortly regarding my concern for the charges reversal waiver for the Card ending with 8893..
    I have continuously esclating this issue to everyone From October month continuously but till date I haven’t received any proper resolution regarding this???????

    I request you kindly take a special approval from chairman help desk and resolve this issue on urgent basis ….

    I think your executive haven’t investigate my issue and always playing a copy paste game with me for the Card ending with 8893..

    I don’t know when I have called that number 7064799852 that number belong to SBI collection agency but you have denied for that ..

    I don’t understand when I have continuously esclating this and shared all proofs with attach screen shot so why you have denied for that without investigation this..

    I have also shared what’s up screen shot also that I have received call from that number and continuously esclating this but you didn’t trying to understand this ???

    I don’t know without investigation how can you say that these mobile number doesn’t belong to SBI collection agency..

    When I have called to same number that number belong to SBI collection agency and you have denied for that??

    I have clearly mentioned in previous emails every thing ..

    Kindly read out my issue when I have esclating continuously with every one and inform me the same through call also.

    I am waiting for your call also ???

    I have continuously esclating my issue and shared everything as per your request but I haven’t received any proper resolution till date ???

    Kindly reverse the charges for the time period may to December when I have hospitalized ..

    I have already shared my medical bills , executive name number , what’s up chat etc I have shared everything as per your request but I haven’t received any proper resolution till date ??????

    Already more than 4 months has gone after continuously esclating this ???

    But your services is too delay and very lazy ???????

    Kindly investigate properly and don’t Play a copy paste game with me I am waiting for your call also ???

    If still my issue not resolve I have highlighted this to every where that SBI Bank employees has given wrong and false commitment and cheated with their customers continuously and their services is too poor and very lazy response I have received from your side also .

    Risham sood
    Assistant manager Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

    • I am Monika mishra holding sbi credit card and getting call from your credit card team 100 times in a day once I shared my details for new credit card then I told them to don’t issue I dnt need it the moment I said this to them they have started abusing saying that if u dnt need card why have u shared your details .
      This is your bank where such foolish people work to spoil your bank .
      They call up me from their mobile number and talk rubbish. Kindly take action against them.why they are using their personal mobile. Why there is no recording system in your bank.

      Monika Mishra