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Saudi Arabian software developer has created an app called Sarahah, Sarahah is application for Android and iPhone that allow you to recieve honest anonymous feedback for about yourself.The feedback will be send by your friends, family and other peoples with which you have shared your Sarahah account after Sign in or Sign up.You can use this feedback for self development.


Sarahah App Customer Support


To contact Sarahah by e-mail for non-support requests:
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Sarahah App: How to Check Who Sent the Messages?

With the anonymity feature of Sarahah app masking the identity of the message sender from the recipient, there are several websites that claim to reveal the identities to the recipient. Chief among such websites are and, which have become popular courtesy WhatsApp forwards. However, these are just fake clims, and there is no way to decrypt the identities of Sarahah message senders yet.
How to link Sarahah on facebook-App:
 1. First of all, open your Facebook app and login
2. Go to your profile and click on the edit profile
3. Now click on edit your about info
4. Now click on the contact info edit
5. Then click on the add website
 6. Now type on website address bar and click on save button
7. Your Sarahah Profile is successfully linked with Facebook now
How to Link Sarahah on Snapchat:
1. First of All open Snapchat App
2.  Now click the snap on Snapchat
3. Now Click on the Paperclip icon
4. Now Search box tab will open, type in the search box and click on Go/Search button
5. Now click on the login button
6. Now Login into your Sarahah account
7. Now click on the profile link. Click on attach to snap
8. Now Your Sarahah is linked with snapchat successfully
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