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General Inquiries: (646) 660-9419
Headquarters Address:
460 Park Avenue South
4th Floor
New York, NY 10016 Contact Details, Phone Number, Office Address
Mumbai Address:
Unit No. 402, 4th floor, Donear House,
Plot No. A-50, Road No. 1, MIDC,
Andheri East
Mumbai 400093

How to cancel your Saavn Pro subscription?

To cancel your subscription from a mobile device, open your device’s Settings app (not the Saavn Settings panel). Scroll down and select “iTunes & App Stores.” Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the page. Click “View Apple ID” on the popup menu. This should take you to your “Account Settings” page. Look for the section labeled “Subscriptions,” then tap the “Manage” button there. Select Saavn, then turn off auto-renewal. This effectively ends your subscription, as of the next billing date. (By the way, if you don’t know your billing date, it’s displayed on this page as well.)
To cancel your subscription from a computer, open iTunes. Select “Store” from the Top menu, and then click on “View My Apple ID,” or start by clicking your Apple ID in the Navigation bar, and then click “Account.” This will take you to your account management page. Under “Settings” on this page, look for the section marked “Subscriptions” (towards the bottom of the page). Click on “Manage,” then select “Edit” next to Saavn Pro. Turn off auto-renewal for Saavn Pro to end your subscription as of the next billing date.

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 09:00 am to 07:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday: Closed

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  1. T2012271800047659209083 My transaction 27-12-2020 by Phone pay Jio saavn pro I pay in 399/- but not download the songs.. help me please

  2. I have done payment but didn’t start proT2012252105496939209853is my payment id

  3. Hi
    I had 1year subscription of Jio Savan Pro. Which has now expired. However, it seems that the downloaded songs during my subscription period , are now not available offline for listening.

    It may be mentioned that at the time of purchasing the subscription there was no such condition that downloaded songs would not be available offline post subscription. As per my knowledge, when something has already been downloaded, why would a service provider retract such services which were earlier actually purchased by the buyer.

    This is completely unacceptable.

    In view of above, and the misleading information during subscription, I request for a compensation with all my downloaded songs immediately.

    Thanks in advance

  4. I have done payment of rs 99 but didn’t get pro services …31574765510 is my transaction Id …

  5. I cancel my saavn subscription last year but this year Saavn charge my credit card

    Not Fair

    Please cancel my subscription and refund my money to my credit card

  6. I signed up for the pro account on 23rd June this year. $59.95 was taken from my card thru Google Play. My account shows up as Free account despite me paying for 12 months.
    I have send out 3 emails to you guys but no Good. I need this sorted ASAP.

  7. I already did my payments . But my saavan pro didn’t started . M already A saavan pro Member . But its not started yet

  8. I have done payment but didn’t get pro…P2007312025102597481187 is my transaction Id …

  9. Can someone help me with my saavn account? I am in the USA

  10. I have listened to some Kannada songs. I wanted to download the songs and I have paid your monthly subscription by card at 11:14 pm IST on 17/Mar/2016 and you sent a code & download was activated. After down loading some songs, today your app/URL/Web-site is not recognising my phone no 91-9980095472 after 4 hours from enabling download. Do you have an arbitrary policy towards customers or your App/Web site is unable facilitate the appropriate service?

  11. How do I turn off auto renewal of savaan app in my Samsung phone?