Ponzi Scheme Complaints : How to report a Ponzi Scheme ?

Ponzi Scheme



How to report a Ponzi Scheme (MLM company  )

Procedure to file a complaint

A victim having a suspicion that an entity is running an unauthorized acceptance of deposits can lodge a complaint through the Sachet website, following a simple procedure:

  1. First of all, one should visit the Sachet website www.sachet.rbi.org.in.
  2. File a Complaint and fill the registration form with details.
  3. Choose the regulator under which the Ponzi entity might be covered, but in case you are unaware of the same, the tab of ‘Don’t Know the Regulator’, may be used.
  4. Next step is to upload the scanned copies of the documents.
  5. After completing the above steps a complaint number will be given to you with the details of the regulator concerned.
  6. You can also track the status of your complaint by using the ‘Track your Complaint’ option.

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