Pan card photo / Signature resizer for online apply

Pan card photo / Signature resizer



Pan card photo / Signature resizer for online apply


  1. This facility can be used by PAN applicants having a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued to them by authorized Certifying Authority (CA) in India.
  2. PAN applicants should have scanned image of photograph, signatures and supporting documents i.e. Proof of Identity (POI) /Proof of Address (POA) /Proof of Date of Birth (PODB). The photo/signature and supporting documents should be scanned as per following specifications:
  3. Sr.No Parameters Photograph Signature Supporting documents
    1. Resolution (in DPI) 200 DPI 200 DPI 200 DPI
    2. Type Color Color Black & White
    3. File type JPEG JPEG PDF/A or JPEG
    4. Size Max. 20 KB Max. 10 KB Max. 300KB/per page
    5. Dimension 3.5X2.5 cms. 2X4.5 cms

Reduce Signature Size Online

What should be the size of the scanned photograph and the signature?

The candidate should scan his/her signature which has been put on white paper with black ink pen. Each of the scanned images of the photograph/signature should not exceed 40 KB in size (for photograph, the pixel size is 140 pixels height x110 pixels width and for sign it should be 110 pixels height x140 pixels width) and also to be ensured that the uploaded photograph/signature are proper.

If the Photograph is not of the proper pixel size given, then how to convert it?

Use any free image editing software such as MSPaint or Irfanview. To delete the unnecessary print area, use the CROP option after selecting the Image. To resize to proper pixel size use the resize option. Help for cropping / resizing can be seen here>>

. If the Photograph is not in the desired format, then how to convert it?If the image is in other formats such as .tiff,.bmp etc, then open the photo in MsPaint or Irfanview and click save as option to save it in the desired format (.jpg or .png).

How do I load my signatures/photograph?

The scanned photograph and signature in the format and the specification which has already been explained above is to be uploaded.

My photograph and signature as I loaded on the site are not appearing right. What should I do?

After uploaded the photograph and the signature a fresh page shows the preview of the uploaded images. If, the applicant is satisfied with the uploaded images he may click on Confirm Uploadbutton. In case the applicant is not satisfied with the uploaded images, he may click on the Reload Photograph or Reload Signature button. The reloaded photograph/ signature can again be viewed by clicking on the Image refresh button. The process can be repeated till satisfaction. The Candidates may please note that if the quality of photograph/signature is poor, the application is liable to be rejected After having clicked on the Confirm Upload button, the system will not allow any changes in the photograph/signature. However, if an applicant is not satisfied with the format/size/quality of the photograph or signature, the applicant may submit a fresh online application with the revised photograph and signature along with prescribed fee to be paid again.

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