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Oven Story Pizza


Oven Story Pizza, a home-grown pizza brand in India, has launched its first national ad campaign. The films take us through a punny journey of how people are moving away from ordinary pizza brands and looking for newer innovations in terms of taste and variety.
Availability in a wide range of cities
We are available in 16 major cities. Oven Story is available in a wide range of cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon (Gurugram), Indore, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida & Pune. This helps us have a reach to maximum customers and use our optimum pizza delivery services. Because of which it doesn’t make this just any ordinary local pizza delivery app, but the best online pizza delivery app throughout.

Oven Story Customer care Number

Call : 7738383000

Email : care@ovenstory.in
Official Website :  www.ovenstory.in

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21 thoughts on “Oven Story Pizza”

  1. Hi
    I am interested for outlet frenchise at bhiwandi.maharashtra.( upper Thane)
    Pls let me know the budget ..
    Manish pal.

  2. Hello Team,

    We are interested to have the franchisee on lease.
    We have an area of 650sq.ft in Kharghar,Navi Mumbai.
    Please advise us.

  3. To whomsoever it may concern,

    I had book a set of 2 pizzas from Ovenstory today via PayTm, and paid 525 INR for it, never received an order ID and realised something was fishy and then tried calling your customer care, which alwaysseems to always be ‘busy’, so couldn’t connect.
    When I go to your app to track my order, it doesn’t show either.
    Never ordered from here before, and the one I did decide to, it’s been an awful experience.

    Dint expect something like this from an organisation like yours.

    Ridiculous. Downright horrible behaviour.

    Would like to be compensated for the same and receive a call from your end, apologising for this behaviour.

  4. Today I ordered a pizza worth 400
    The irony is veg overload pizza had very little toppings just for show! Why over promise when can’t deliver?
    There was no oregano or chilliflakes with the parcel
    The pizza was cold and a total embarrassment to serve the guests
    Thanks to dominos we used their extra seasons sent with their parcel previously
    Order id 63098448 from byculla outlet
    Oven story you need to refund it was totally not worth the value

  5. Dear Sir/Mam
    Greetings for the Day!

    To whom it may concern

    Order # 62752068

    This was my first and last order with Oven Story.

    Today, I was in a pretty awkward situation in front of my family and guests. The quality of food was not satisfactory. It was not hot at all. Also, as per the mobile app the food was suppose to be delivered in 45 minutes but it was delivered after 55 minutes.

    I would have to think twice to place the order in the future. (Probably i will not place)

    I would say other Pizza options (Dominos/ Pizzahut etc) have always fulfilled the above mention situations. On time delivery with hot food. I guess this is the reason they are leading for a long time. It was my wrong decision to place the order with Oven Story.

    I will never ever recommend Oven Story to my friends and family.

    I am not sure if I would get a reply to this e-mail (hardly matters now) but I Would request and suggest you to look into this and get this fixed to avoid losing customers or business.

    Stay Safe…

    Balwinder Singh

  6. Greetings
    I am interested in taking dealership for Aurangabad Maharashtra.

  7. I orderded pizza at 8 20 .and one person called to conform that i have order the pizza at 8 20. then they said said they will deliver it by 9 but they did not deliver .We texted the help support team and asked for the delivery persons number when we call that number the person was in jaipur where as i am somewhere in maharashtra this was unacceptable then we needed to call the help centre and and they said we will deliver in five minutes and it took 20 mins. order came at 10 20 . In the receipt the order time expected delivery time were scratched out a very bad experience it ruined our mood never ever order anything from here such a useless place to order from

  8. How can we can get dealership I am from tamilnadu.thoothukudi

  9. Ordered pizza never delivered and there is no refund of it. I want my pizza

  10. I had cancelled my order but refund is not come

  11. My money deducted and my order is not placed.bad experience first time giving my order

  12. Stale pizzas, ordered for guests who ate almost all and by the end mentioned that the pizzas were not v fresh. When I tasted I was completely disappointed. It is over with Ovenstory now. Pandemic has really affected them. No more ordering from Ovenstory. Thanks

  13. Hi Team,
    Very sorry to complain as very disappointed with the service and delivery. I had ordered pizzas at 9.30pm and called one of executive he told that it would be delivered by 10.30pm. I called again just to check wether it is reached or not but executive said like my order hasn’t placed yet. So if i would not call order would not have been delivered. Are you making joke out of us? You have completely non coordination between your staff and executives. You should have some responsible peoples to give the feedback if you can not deliver the order. There should not be any damn execuses like technincal issues and all. What kind of service or relationship is this?
    You realy need somebody better to manage the services. Our experience was really bad as it happened 3rd time with us.
    Will not recommend pizza from your store for sure.

  14. Absolutely disappointed with the service.. Happening third time with us like we order pizzas and order delayed by 3-4 hours.. the executives themselves dont have coordination at all.. one executive saying we took your order and it will delivered by half and hour so i called after half and hour they said like we dont placed your order yet.. disgusting service.. i would recommend not to order anything from the oven story..complete wastage of mood and money and time.

  15. Absolutely disappointed with the service.. Happening third time with us like we order pizzas and order delayed by 3-4 hours.. the executives themselves dont have coordination at all.. one executive saying we took your order and it will delivered by half and hour so i called after half and hour they said like we dont placed your order yet.. disgusting service.. i would recommend not to order anything from the oven story..

  16. I hv ordered large veg overloads pizza today around 9pm from zomato at my place at mulund east. It was not baked properly….actually it was raw just kept at high flame for few min for formality. Extremely disappointed as I ordered pizza from ovenstory after hearing sum review from frd.It was such a wastage of money n mood. I hv pics of same bt can’t see any upload facility here.

  17. Worst customer service.
    Very sorry to complain as very disappointed with the delivery and service.
    How can you tell that your machine is not working after taking the order and asking for the delivery.
    Need somebody to manage to better service standards.
    Our experience is bad and we will rethink whenever we got some parties.

  18. Hi
    I have ordered for a piza around 7.30 PM and was to be delivered within 45 minutes as per the online terms.
    But by 9.00 PM we called as no message got regarding the delivery. They told they cannot deliver as their machine is on fault.
    This is totally unacceptable as we were waiting for the delivery and spoiled our party moods
    You should have some responsible people to give the feed back if you cannot deliver the order.
    There should not be damp excuses like our machine break down . What customer service or relationship is this.
    We had to look for some alternatives now and is already 9.45 .

  19. Ref: Ciao! Your Oven Story order 4518***5 amounting to Rs. 9** is confirmed. Check out this Cheesy #NextLevel Video while you wait: bit.ly/NextLevelCheesE
    Order date: 4.3.2020, 7.56pm
    For a little party, we try to order pizza from oven story. I ordered vide above order number and time.
    On 7.59pm, I got call from +91 7400 ****81, asking if I will provide change if amount 9**.
    I was give expected delivery time oh 1hr 13min.
    At 9.02pm, I got call from +91 870****650, telling me that whether I ordered that pizza, to confirm the same. After 1 hour, that call was made for confirmation, it is a joke?
    He told that if I confirm, the order will be delivered after 10pm !! ( More than 2 hours now)
    App shows that order is cooked and expected delivery time is 13 minutes at 9.02pm.
    Why call is made for confirmation when I have complete address and location details. As directed by staff, I have to cancel and have to order from Domino’s.
    My party was spoiled by Oven story.
    Take necessary action against erring staff and intimate to me by tomorrow 5.3.20.

  20. Dear team,
    I have ordered from oven story at 8pm. I have called up nearby branch they asked me to call at other branch and I ended up calling max. 8 times. Still at 10pm they are arguing saying that we had technical issue and we cant help in that. Is this what customer service is ? And they argued saying that step in our shoes and tell us what will you do. This isn’t the way to talk.