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‘Nirvana Being started as a movement by one guy struggling to understand why his lungs were collapsing. He was healthy, he was young(ish), had a good lifestyle and exercised regularly. Multiple visits later, to doctors, to friends, to friends of friends because this is India, Jai, founder, and CEO of Nirvana Being realized that the problem was in the air he was breathing. The problem though was, no solution existed to treat this air, and no one was talking about how much of an impact it could have on everyone living in Delhi and around. Air Pollution, in 2014 was still a concept that most people were unaware of.’


Add: B1 Extn., A41 Mohan Cooperative Estate First Floor New Delhi-110044


Contact:  (011) 41610125/27


Registered Office

Nirvana India Pvt Ltd
B1 Extn. A41 Mohan Cooperative
Estate First Floor
New Delhi-110044
Phone: (011) 41610125, 41610127

Our Store

Khan Market
A-20, Under Fab India Store, New Delhi
Contact: 011) 41610125, 41610127

Store Hours: 11:00 am – 08:00pm
Monday – Sunday


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  1. My fareezeer not woriking..230L nirvana company pls solv my parobalm contact namber 7983273606

  2. maine abhi freej khareeda hai kuch mahine pahle bo abhi cooling karna band kar deta hai
    plzzz freez sahi kara do plz\