NHAI Toll Plaza Complaints Customer Care Number. email id

NHAI Toll Plaza Complaints


MORTH/NHAI/IHMCL has launched 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTag complaints at toll plaza level. Customer can simply dial 1033 from your Mobile/Landline for any issues.


How is 1033 helpline number useful to me? What type of toll plaza level complaints can I raise by calling this number?

Fast Tag 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTag complaints at toll plaza level. Customer can simply dial 1033 from Mobile/Landline for the following issues:

  • Stopped at the plaza for Tag blacklist reason even though Tag is not blacklisted.
  • Plaza not accepting FASTag
  • Plaza not able to read the Tag
  • Plaza not supporting for monthly pass issuance
  • Any other applicable issue for FASTag

In case of Harassment/ misconduct/ discourteous/ rude behaviour of toll collection staff, what should we do?

MORTH/NHAI/IHMCL has launched 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTAG complaints related to Toll Plaza. You can call this number and report the same



(i) ICICI Bank (Customer care 1860 210 0104)
(ii) Axis Bank (Customer care 1800 103 5577)
(iii) IDFC Bank (Customer care 1800 266 9970)
(iv) SBI Bank (Customer care 1800 110 018)
(v) Equitas Small Finance Bank (Customer Care 18004191996)
(vi) HDFC Bank (Customer Care 1800-120-1243)
(vii) Syndicate Bank (Customer Care 1800 -425-0585)
(viii) Paytm Payments Bank (Customer care 18001026480)
(ix) Karur Vysya Bank (Customer care 1800-102-1916)
(x) Punjab National Bank (Customer care 08067295310)

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14 thoughts on “NHAI Toll Plaza Complaints”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    I Vaikunth Singhi young Citizen of the India want to complaint about the Dhareri Jattan Toll Plaza at Rajpura Punjab India which I have crossed around at 5:30 on 4th July 2022. The queue of the cars was long enough, So accounting to the rule the toll should not be charged but they still charged the toll from fast tag, Not only this but when I humbly asked the incharge to not deduct the toll as line was too long, HE RESPONDED IN INAPPROPRIATE WAY and he stated threatening me. So at that time I was with my family I did not responded.
    But it is important to bring this in your notice as If rule is made then it should be followed it as well. And the staff members should be taught to deal with the customers and strict action should be taken against the wrong doers.
    Hoping for the early response.
    Thank you
    Vaikunth Singhi

  2. Sir,
    Today, I visited sohna from gurgaon and ghamroj toll paid fastag Rs45 but after 30mins returning time fastag not deducted money and toll staff pressurized to pay while paytm fastag balance was available . Toll staff deliberately stop and taken case double Rs90 through paytm scan QR Code. Kindly check system at toll plaza ghamroj where unwanted collection is being taken on creating stop fastag facility or saying that no balance showing at the time of exit point.

  3. any specific reason for non availability of return trip toll facility at Taswasde [Maharashtra] & Kini [Maharashtra] toll plaza.

  4. Hello sir I am rishi I was traveling in bus from Etawah to Agra , UP during my journey on NH2 the toll plaza didn’t response for about 5 to 10 min and the bus in which I was traveling need to stop there because of this I might loose my train. Please something for this late service. Thanks you

  5. At Ladhowal toll plaza I have been charged of amount of 135/- one way both up and down within 24 hours.
    The charges are 135/- for one side and 200/- up down within 24 hours.
    Total amount deducted 135+135= 270/-
    And no one is ready to listen
    Half of the scanners are usually not functional or the passage is blocked leading to lineup of vehicles
    Moreover no instructions are followed by toll plaza staff for the waiting period.
    They force us to pay even if we have to wait for more time
    Is there anyone who listens and sort out the matter

  6. Good morning
    I crossed the ladhowal toll plaza on 13th May at around 8:10am. Half of the toll booths were non functional due to which there was great rush at rest of the booths. When i reached the booth i asked them not to charge the toll as i had to wait for around 3-4 min in line against the 10 sec rule of the nhai. They let me go, but today at around 7:44 am ie 15th May I received the message that my tolll has been deducted for 13th moreover i have been charged 135 twice ie up and down against 200 up down..
    i have got all the video recording of that day. I want to ask why i was charge against the rules and why half of the tolls were not working. This is just harassment of general public by nhai staff.
    I want my refund

  7. Wong deduction I was not trevelle Paind Toll plaza full day stay at home otherwise deduct 85 Rs in my account . This is wrong I was socked when I saw the massage You Paid Rs.85 at Paind Toll Plaza of HR09E0443 on 13/05/22 02:27:30. Avl Bal Rs.187.64 Txn ID: FT2213422836177715

  8. My vehicle number is BR30P0217. ON 13 05 2022 at about 04 PM Going time’the Runnisaidpur toll plaza deducted from.fastag Rs.80/- and returning time on same day at about 11 36 PM the said toll plaza has taken penalty Rs 160/- forcefully reason for non fastag. While amount available in the fastag. On 02 05 2022 going time Rs 80-and returning time Rs 40/ taken from fastag. I request you to kindly look this matter at your end.

  9. Runnisaidpur toll plaza has taken money forcefully rs. 160 in spite of being fastag my vehicle number is BR30P02171

  10. My complaint is against pimpalgaon baswant toll plaza, not with fast tag agencies, so please provide me the email address of pimpalgaon baswant toll plaza administrator.

  11. Why Fastag reading mechanism not established at all the toll plazas particularly at National Highways (I am particularly referring to toll plaza at MEHATPUR on National Highway from Chandigarh to Dharamsala/Biajnath?

  12. Kotak Bank NETC FASTag Account No. 11946800001, linked with the Vehicle No. MH02AY0692 has been debited Rs. 190.00 for toll charges at Baswant Toll Plaza on 22-Mar-2022 11:13:16 AM.
    I was travelling from Nashik to Vani , used NH for @ 10 K.M., Why the toll is hefty & exorbitant ??

  13. Baswant toll plaza deducted Rs 190 . I was travelling from Nashik to Vani , on 22.03.22. at 11 15 am)the distance travelled on NH was hardly 10 km , why toll charges are Rs 190/- . This is shocking & exorbitant !
    “Kotak Bank NETC FASTag Account No. 11946800001, linked with the Vehicle No. MH02AY0692 has been debited Rs. 190.00 for toll charges at Baswant Toll Plaza on 22-Mar-2022 11:13:16 AM. “

  14. on 20.03.2022 i Enter TSPA around 10.45 PM and exit at Rajendernagar toll gate at 10.54 PM next day i.e., 21.03.22 at 4.58 AM received Message deduct at Rs.60/- actual amount Rs.10/- only Txnid: 001721520564