【Verified】Indane Gas Complaint Numbers : Indane Gas Complaint online

Indane Gas Complaint Numbers



Indane Gas Complaint Numbers

  • 18002333555-You can call on 18002333555 for complaints like delay in delivery ,subsidy not got processed ,to give-up LPG Subsidy, over charging by delivery boy, under-weight of cylinders received, non-home delivery etc.,
  • 1906-LPG Emergency Helpline– If you find the gas leaking from the cylinder . This will immediately trigger the Agency. And then it proceeds to the Oil Company Field Officer, and then up the line till the State Head of the Oil Marketing Company if the complaint is not attended at any stage.


Indane Gas Complaint Online

Go to your cylinder’s website. Login and complain. If Indane gas go here. Issue will get resolved within in an hour.



My LPG cylinder delivery guy demands money every time to deliver a booked cylinder. What can I do?

Extra delivery charge should only be tip, not forced bribe. If they still charging even if you resist to pay, you can complain online. Don’t complain offline, your issue will not get resolved. Complain online(through website) and then that deliver man will never charge again.

They are charging because nobody is complaining about it online. Offline gas distributors know all about it, but they do nothing about it. You have to complain online, then you will get number, call them tell your issue about charging extra money other than bill amount. Issue will get solved, you will get refund within half an hour, delivery person come back to your home to refund you.

 Note : Best option to get rid of extra 20rs is, start paying online through app or website, don’t pay in cash.


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  2. Subsidy amount not added in my bank account