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Fake call complaint


Vishing is one such attempt where fraudsters try to seek your personal information like Customer ID, Net Banking password, ATM PIN, OTP, Card expiry date, CVV etc. through a phone call.


How do fraudsters/Scammers operate?

Step 1

The fraudster poses as an employee from the bank or a Government / Financial institution and ask customers for their personal information.

Step 2

They cite varied reasons as to why they need this information. For e.g. reactivation of account, encashing of reward points, sending a new card etc.

Step 3

These details thus obtained are then used to conduct fraudulent activities/ transactions on the customer’s account without their knowledge.

Scam/Fake call complaint Hotline number

call Indian Cyber Crime Phone Number : 1800-209-6789; register your complaint and follow up the same.
  1. to immediately block all those numbers from your own phone. This is the best, cheapest and most peaceful way to ignore such kinds of fraudulent calls, or
  2. rush to a nearest local police authority with a written complaint about this incident, or
  3. contact your bank and bank’s nodal officer with a written complaint to avoid any mishap, or
  4. call Indian Cyber Crime Phone Number : 1800 209 6789; register your complaint and follow up the same. Here is a link for detailed information  https://cybercrime.gov.in
  5. Go through the RBI website to find your nearest nodal agency to lodge your complaint.
  6. Be in touch to get the latest cybercrime safety tips from Ministry of Home Affairs on the twitter handle @CyberDost.


How to protect yourself from Vishing?

No sharing: 
Never share any personal information like Customer ID, ATM PIN, OTP etc. over the phone, SMS or email.


What is Vishing?

the fraudulent practice of making phone calls or leaving voice messages purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as bank details and credit card numbers.
many victims of vishing are people who are not tech-savvy

How fraudsters can trap you

1. UPI Payments frauds (Deceptive UPI handles)

2. Fake Bank Calls Frauds

3. Phishing scams

4. Remote screen mirroring tool

5. Scams using your OTP, UPI PIN

6. new phishing scam used e-SIMs

Please post in Comment If you get a fraudulent call from any Number…

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  1. Got a whatsapp call from +92 343 6494945 asking for otp in name of KBC lottery system something. Please take action against this number.

  2. hello,
    today I received a fraud call from this no 7699432594
    when I refused him not to share my details like aadhar card, he abused me.

  3. This is Fake caller 7415411260 from HDFC URGO and try to seek information to

  4. 916296140296


    they are cheating in the name of SBI bank. i received a call from these number and also link for update adhaar, then they asked my OTP for the transaction amount for Rs. 24850, WHAT I NEVER DID

  5. Hello
    Today I received a fraudulent call saying that they are from SBI just after I called SBI helpline number but the SBI call was not answered. He mentioned himself as an SBI employee and asked me about my problem without thinking much I answered the question by saying my card is not working then he asked me about the remaining balance and again like a fool I answered the question without much thought then he asked to install an app ANYDESK so that he can activate my card, after installing the app he said that the app is not working properly so we have to use other method of using phonepe or google pay and he asked me to open google pay and asked me to click on new payment then by saying his bank details like account number and IFSC code as codes needed to activate the card he asked me to enter them [by this time I came to my senses and was trying to see what actually plans to do] after entering them he asked me to add note as update and in the add amount he asked me to enter a number saying it as code [but that was my account balance] and asked me to press on done but I asked why the amount then he said that’s the code for updation mam and this call will be recorded so you don’t have to worry before I could say anything he has cut the call. Luckily I didnot transfer the amount
    so guys be aware of this number
    His phone number: 6295506758
    His bank was RBL bank last 4 digits are 9799

  6. Repeated call are coming from this number.08388079194 trying to cheat you check this number

  7. +919883163923 called from ubi bank national headquarter. He said that my card was going to be blocked about which I was earlier informed via message and I didn’t respond. He said that I could unblock my card online asking my debit card’s expiry date and adhaar number. And he was quite crafty with words.

  8. I got a call from 7001286990. He said i am calling from sbi bank & asking card details.

  9. Fake calls and fraud: I have received a call from 8472932053 (Name from true caller Siddarth Agarwal) asking to send money and also trying to use my mobile number and generating OTP’s, trying to fetch personal and bank details. It’s a very serious concern to me.


  11. got a fake call from 3 different numbers by name of BAJAJ FINANCE, ASKINGFOR PRE PROCESSING LOAN .

    THESE ARE NUMBERS : 7044144787 ; 8478811737;7076422381

  12. 9394885582 no olx se product ke bahane fraud call ….kindly look into this matter and punish the frauder and scold olx company for such illegal users

  13. I am Amar Kumar form punjab.
    I got a call from this number and asked to share the required information.8059760788.
    Right number
    Sorry for mistake

  14. I am Amar Kumar form punjab.
    I got a call from this number and asked to share the required information.8059760787.

  15. Hlo, My self Dimple, from Punjab. I get call from ” 9302241708 ” this number. Phone krke eh bhut he gnde words use krta hai. like jaise koi kisi prostitute se baat krta hai.

    Please help me. mai just pata lgana chahati hu ki eh no kiska hai.

    Is trh k logo ko saja dena pkdna bhut jruri hai, eh na jaane mere jaise or kitni girls ko aise preshan kr rha hoga. mai to block ke dungi or bhi girls blok kr dengi. But aise logo ko saza dena bhut jruri hai. Is ly mai chahti hu ki jo bhi eh mera comment read kr rhe hai friends please sab mil kr es trh ke crime ko khtm kre hum sab. Please friends support me.

  16. Got fraud call from this number 9031547680 for phonepe upi details etc.

  17. I got a call from this no. ‘8509244005’ asking for the withdrawal of a voucher on phonepay, I was aware that was a fraud call and I rejected his offer… And he said dirty words

  18. I got a call from 9494899785 this number she called for job purpose demanding me to sign the bond…in bond they wrote I should pay money to their company I catch that point so I denied it so, thats y she scolded me a lot using bad words simply fraud call

  19. On 08-06-2021 we gota a call from sangam matrimonial website Named:- sanjay gupta mobile no +44 7441 432907 Said we are interested in marriage and we send you the parcel from Scotland just for the gesture. On 10-6-2021 we goat a call from courier office from New Delhi phone no 92051 08554 and ask to pay 8,000/- rupees to collect the parcel. We paid the money 8,000/- Rupees via google pay. Now they are asking for extra charge of rupees 85,000/- rupees to collect that parcel. When i come to know this incident I confirmed that it is a scam. Please guide if any have idea to refund our money. I know it is foolish thing to ask but still there is a hope if someone can help. Thanks

  20. Aaj mere phone me ek fraud call aaya is no se -9903329715,96635728164
    Bol raha tha is account no pe paisa bhej do mai car bhej dunga-a/c no-39051308675 , ifs code – SBIN0000130 SBI BANK. Plzz aise fraud call pe paisa na bheje..

  21. Aaj mere phone me ek fraud call aaya is no se -9903329715,96635728164
    Bol raha tha is account no pe paisa bhej do mai car bhej dunga-a/c no-39051308675 , ifs code – SBIN0000130 SBI BANK. Plzz aise fraud call pe paisa na bheje..

  22. 7488891654, 8210250451 ye dono number se continued sms or call aa rha h jo hmari information pta krk preshan kr rha h 2019 se hi reh reh kr calls or msgs krk abuse kr rha aur puchhne pr kuchh btata nhi bs dhamki deta h jaan se marne ki.. aj v 21/June/2021 h aur aj v afternoon se preshan kr rha h. Plz iss pr action liya jaaye.🙏

  23. I got a fake call from +91 70746 32728 number. He told that I am calling from Paytm customer care and offer me a cashback.i did not give him any details. So beware of the fraud calls.

  24. +918260955598
    This is that fraud number dont trust his words if u people got call on this number try to approach ur nearest police station,

    Thank you.

  25. Hello people, my self linga and im from hyderabad, and my occupation is im a roadroller operator, i have got a call from a fraud, he said we r from shamshabad airport we need roadroller for two months and he asked for quotation of machines, so i did that and i asked for advance after that he again contacted me and said ill send u total amount right now, ill sent the amount ur upi 1st see 10 rs i added to your account and send me the return to me u r transaction will complete, this kind of people conversating with all many people. Hope please may take action

    • +918260955598
      This is that number

  26. Recd a call from this no. 9748854463. The caller was abusive

  27. OLX ke through mere number +919394868794 per call aye pucha kha se ho fir kha ki hum online payment Karenge fir usne ek baar code send kiya jaise he usko scan kiya mera pura account ki paise show ho raha tha ki pay karo mai usse samay ruuk gya iss liye ap log bhi satark rahe ye sab frund se kabhi bhi barcode se paise account me nhi ate h ye baat yaad rakhte

  28. Received SMS twice about winning a first prize from Amazon and received a call from a person claiming to be a rep from the company. He had all my details including name, address etc. But I called the company and they have no such prize. The number is +917044160493

  29. I got a fraud whatsapp call today 9:16am from pakistan no+923015831137
    He was telling I had won a big amit of 25lack without any ticket
    And it will be credit in my ac
    And I just disconnected call
    Please check it🙏

  30. Hi,
    Today I received a call from +91 8822332518, he started pretending my friend and asked me “Pehchana mai kaun bol raha hu”. I said sorry and asked his name, he said some 5 6 name one of them is my college mate name (Sanu), the person from 88223312518, in middle of a friendly conversation he asked me for help he said “mere dost see payment ane wala that but mere account me transfer fail horaha hai bar bar, kya to help kardega , mai tujhe paise transfer karta hu and asked me for gpay or phone pay Number.” I said “ok send me money and your bank details”, instead of providing details his friend sent me a pay request on gpay for Rs. 15,000 /- i denied to pay the request he started requesting “bhai please yar help karde, pay karke terko ek option ayega self transfer wala, fir there account me mere account see transfer hojayga . ” he said. i denied again and asked can I call you in a moment, then I called my college friend sanu and asked have you called from any other number for any help he said no . the I called again on the spam number then he stoped receiving my call.

  31. +918294854550 Phone pe se bol rha hu 5000k award mile accept kr lo Uske liya any desk download kro ek link milega us se fer apko reward mil jayga

  32. 9695031819Asking for money

  33. +917330894664 This person create online bussiness platform, “NEW ENERGY” company like wind Energy, Solar Energy. and convince many people and create a whatapps group make the deposited the amount, after deposited the amount and run away. Many people lost their Money.

  34. I received a fake card about sbi credit card enquiry mob number is 8765451874

  35. I have received call again and again from the number 7050218982 with

  36. 8101661530 call from this no is fake.They called and say they are calling from bank…further they say ur atm card is block and ask for ur details .so guys beware from this no and do not fall on their prey

  37. I search customer care SBI in google I get a toll free number 18002089915 after 30 Sec I get a call from mobile number 9099915425 and told that I am from SBI customer care and fraud through UPI google pay and payment from me a sum of rs 8800/- pl request to block this number so that no one again trapped by these fraud people.

  38. 004996240064403 scam number they speak german and english but that accent is not from germany is like pakistan pls report and they change number!!! They say something about computer

  39. Please stay away from +919163374283. I got a call from this no. The person was asking for my personal bank details which I politely refused. But he began to harass me by saying abusive language.


  41. +918017983598 +918902433076 claiming that I won something from amazon. They were even aware of the exact name of one of the products I ordered as well as my name and address.
    Amazon has confirmed that this is a fraud.

  42. +91-9680417693 ,yak video call yatha rat ko 11:30 bole ki muzay apse bat karni hey or muzay laga ki mam ka call yava hey new no sey ilse ley manay receive kiya me bed par so raha tha to unay meri screen recording ki or bad may mauzay blackmail karna lagay ki apli video hamaray pas hey app muzay 1100 do to video delete hoti nhi to YouTube or Facebook pay viral hojay gi as damki di or badmay link send kardi muzay menay unko block kar diya hey

  43. Mere mobail no hai 8719294160

  44. Mere pass ek coll arha hai or wo coll sabhi ke pass ja rha hai bol rha hai ki ap ne 4408 rupa ka lone liya huwa hai is ko pay kro or mere sabhi either daro ko bhi coll arha hai mere mobail ko hek kr rha hai jab me payment ki jam karne ki bat karta hu to na koi adarsh nhi bata ha or ek link bejata hai or us link pr 500 rupay lik ke bej deta hai sabhi ristedar presan ho rahe hai us hekar ke no hai 892981847 है

  45. Muje aa date -18/04/2021 ko 4.22 ko 7250743948 se fraud call aaya he
    Usne kaha me phonepe se bol raha hu aap ke account me 1900 rupe aaye he aap pay kar ke usko apne ne account me add kar le par me re account minus mein tha to me ne bola unko nahi aaraha he usne bola ki minimum 1000 hene chahiye or transaction me pay ka option tha
    Or nahi huva to muje gali bhi di.
    Mere pas uska pura call recording he.
    Place eska kuch kare

  46. They put a some days back in local kannada channel that there are job openings in some automobile companies once i called they told to send resume, photos, aadhar card i didn’t sent aadhar card because they were strangers but unfortunately they called me asked for OTP i told the OTP number .. They would have misused it So i kindly request you to take legal action on this frauster office in Bangalore. Her number – 8904217609

  47. Mera mb no. 6200957045 hai sir or koi chij ki jarurat hai to contect kijiyega

  48. Froud transctrion hua hai sir 13598 rupess ki uska mb no 9007595296 hai

  49. Uska mb no 9007595296 hai

  50. Froud transction hua hai sir 13598rupees ji

  51. Hi Guys,

    Please make a note of below 2 fake numbers who loot people in name of kbc

    6900151883, 9028957133

  52. Sir today i got a call from +91767929137 at 2 pm. today a person told me that he was calling from sbi and said me that my atm card has been blocked if i want to get service than i have to tell him details about my atm card. But when i did not agree to provide him the details he threatened me that my balance would be 0.00 and misbehaved also.
    After some time he again called me and he informed that my balance became 0

    Please do some thing and take necessary steps.

  53. Kuch log fake calls karte hain. Jinme se kuch calls 9027623868
    In phone numbers se aayi thi.

  54. 9883564407- Fraud no he’s calling HDFC bank. He asking your card get block so update your adhar no other wise share me your card number, I said I. M not using hdfc bank so he’s telling send canara bank details only, when he ask all thinks I come to knw that is fake call, because I.m using canara bank…..

  55. Fraud call about loan and ask for charges of rs 550/-. When get paid rs of 550/- they are black mailing to me by my personal doccuments to post on internet. And required me for more monay.
    FRAUD Contact number: 8376084493/ 7289886726

  56. Hi All,

    Would like to share this fraud cyber crime from which I just escaped.
    Got a call from someone saying he is from Army who saw my rental add online and would like to move in after checking images and everything.
    He explained in such a way that from Army office money will be deposited in my account for advance as this is official post transfer and it happens in this way doing online transaction .

    Another call came in saying he is captain and would like to transfer the money for the rental discussion happened between previous caller to me. He would like to send me a test money of 5 rupees first but it will be in a form of QR code and I need to scan it to get the money . Hearing this I got doubt and disconnected these calls.

    Posting this hoping it will be helpful for someone.

    Two calls which I got from these two number from below on March 15 , 2021 aronud 8 to 9 PM.


  57. 9891979248 person named Amit Kumar tried to do cyber crime. He wanted to buy some decorative gifts.He insist on sending money through google pay not directly but some indirect way asking to open google page and camera and so on. I quickly understand his intentions and closed the page otherwise he must have my money right now. How such people making fools of innocent people

  58. I got a call from : +918391820520. This is the 3rd time I am getting this kind of call. He called me and told me you have an offer I told him that I know you are fraud dont call. *FOR THIS HE ABUSED ME* . No one should abuse for these things. Please take against it

  59. I jst received fraud call from Amazon
    Plz take action regarding this person

  60. +92 346 7852131 mujhe ish no se
    5/3/2021 … morning me 9:27am ko call aya tha or 25lak ki lotry ka bola
    Mene bola ye no India ka nhi hai
    To call disconnect kr diya

  61. Received a call from number 9540221074 telling me the call is from EPF, NewDelhi. When I said that I do not want to talk since I am already in touch, call was disconnected. not sure if the number is genuine.

  62. +919777805405 from this No. A person called me and Said You have not Given your Aadhar and Pan card To the Bank ( which he not Specified)
    I asked from Which Bank you’re Speaking… He Told the one you have your Account in… Lol Don’t you know The Company’s name you’re Working in. Then He asked me all the Details About Card and CVV and I provided all the Wrong Information then He checked Something and then Started to Blabber abusive words and all and then Hung Up 😂

    • I got exactly same call with exactly same words, I posted that number on Twitter police account, and many more places. No support or response from police. One of the major reason why fraudsters are blooming without fear. I did not provide any of my details but some may provide theirs and nothing can be done.

  63. +91 7521020919: Fraud credit card scammer. Did not identify which bank she was calling from, wanted me to redeem reward points, wanted to know expiration date & credit card number

  64. +91 7521020919: Fraud credit card scammer. Did not identify which bank she was calling from, wanted me to redeem reward points, wanted to know expiration date & credit card number

  65. +919026750759 is no se call aai thi
    Or mere relative ka naam lekr bolta h emergency h…accident ho gya h…
    Paise bhej do jldi s…
    Or nhi bheje to ulta seedha bolne lga

  66. Mere pas ek call ayi 24/09/2020 ko 11:05am pe aur kahne lage ki mai bank se bol rha hu apka atm block ho gya hai kya ap ise renew karwana chahte hai maine mna kiya to galat tareeke se bat krne lage wo uska number hai- 8388996795 isi no. Sr call ayi thi mujhe