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Electric Scooter without license in india 2019



Question: Which electric scooters do not require driving license?
Ans. A driving license is not required and number plate registration is not required for the following electric scooters and electric cycles since they have a top speed of 25 kmph and the motor is less than 250 W since they are low powered and therefore considered safe for all ages.

List of electric scooter without license & RC in India

Hero Avior
Hero Cruz
Hero Electric Maxi
Ampere V48
Indus Yo Electron ER
Indus Yo Style
Indus Yo Xplor
Lohia Fame
Lohia Genius
Lohia Oma
Lohia Oma Star Li
Palatino Angel
Palatino Princess
Palatino Spyker
Palatino Sunshine
Hero Electric Wave
Avon E Lite
Avon E Mate hytek
Avon E Plus
Avon E Scoot 207
Avon E Bike



Disclaimer: Please check with the seller and appropriate government authorities of the latest rule and specifically about the electric scooter you plan to acquire with respect to rules of registration and driving license requirements.

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