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PaisaPay is eBay’s online payment service, where buyers can pay sellers through credit card or Online Bank Transfer. Buyers should use PaisaPay for fast, assured purchases or your money back!

PaisaPay customer care toll free number : eBay PaisaPay

ebay Paisapay Helpline Number: 1800-209-3229

ebay Paisapay Customer Support : Visit

How does PaisaPay work?

Buyers pay eBay using credit card or online bank transfer. PaisaPay confirms the payment and advises seller to ship.
Seller enters shipping details on the My PaisaPay section in My eBay and ships the item.
Important: This is an important step – the buyer is eligible for a refund if the seller does not enter shipping details within the timelines.
Buyer receives the item and confirms the delivery.
Note: The buyer can also claim a refund if the item is not delivered. The buyer must complete this action within timelines to be eligible for a refund through PaisaPay. After the timeline is over, the buyer can claim a refund through the eBay Buyer Protection Program.
After the buyer confirms item was delivered (or does not respond within timelines), the seller’s Paisapay account is credited with the payment. The money is then remitted to the sellers bank account in the next Payment cycle.
Note: Qualified sellers will receive their payments as soon as they input shipping details in the PaisaPay system.
eBay periodically transfers the payments online to the seller’s registered bank account.

PaisaPay Facility Charges are charged to sellers for processing a payment through PaisaPay. No PaisaPay Facility Charge is charged by eBay to buyers.
PaisaPay Facility Charges are as follows:

Facility Charge for PaisaPay Services
PaisaPay Service Facility Charge

PaisaPay Online Payments

4.5% + applicable taxes

A lot of people get confused between PayPal and PaisaPay. PayPal is basically a wallet, while PaisaPay is an escrow where money does not stay—it comes into a nodal account and gets disbursed. We have plans for PayPal in India in the future, as we are a part of the same company and as and when they materialize, we will bring it to India. Today, PayPal is used by eBay sellers who are doing cross-border transactions. PaisaPay is not known outside India. Hence, the functionality of both the payment systems will stay different. But we admit that the branding can get confusing at times.

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