DigiLocker Customer care


DigiLocker will minimise the use of physical documents and provide authenticity to e-documents. It will provide secure access to government-issued documents and reduce administrative overhead of government departments and agencies, making it easier for the residents to receive services.

DigiLocker Customer Care


DigiLocker Project
National E-Governance Division,
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
4th Floor, Electronics Niketan,
6, CGO Complex,
New Delhi – 110003

Frequently Asked Questions about DigiLocker Customer Care

Q. How can I sign up for DigiLocker?

Ans. Signing up for DigiLocker is easy – all you need is your mobile number.
Your mobile number will be authenticated by sending an OTP (one-time password) followed by selecting a username & password. This will create your DigiLocker account.
After your DigiLocker account is successfully created, you can voluntarily provide your Aadhaar number (issued by UIDAI) to avail additional services.

Q. What are the benefits of using DigiLocker?

Ans. DigiLocker is aimed at the concept of paperless governance. It offers the following benefits:

  1. Citizens can access their digital documents anytime, anywhere and share it online. This is convenient and time saving.
  2. It reduces the administrative overhead of Government departments by minimizing the use of paper.
  3. Digital Locker makes it easier to validate the authenticity of documents as they are issued directly by the registered issuers.

Q. I forgot my password but when I go to forgot username/ forgot password link and enter my Aadhaar number I am getting error “You are not a registered user”.

Ans. This may be because you have not yet linked your Aadhaar number with DigiLocker. Please try using alternate link for Non Aadhaar users.

Q. How can I change the information displayed (like email, mobile etc) in my Aadhaar profile on DigiLocker?

Ans. The information displayed in your Aadhaar profile in your DigiLocker account (like name, address, email, mobile etc) is for display purposes. This data is only fetched from UIDAI and it is not possible to make any changes to this data from DigiLocker. To make changes to your Aadhaar data, please visit your nearest Aadhaar enrolment center.To find more about enrolment centers, visit https://uidai.gov.in/update-your-aadhaar-data.html

Q. I have forgotten my DigiLocker username/password. What should I do?

Ans. To recover your username/password, please visit https://digitallocker.gov.in/index.php and use the Forgot Password/Forgot Username link.

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  1. I have created my digilocker account bt present time that not be open plzz give me some advice

  2. I entered my subscribtion voucher number but I received no sv in digital locker.

  3. I have created Digi Locker account but by mistake the second last digit of my Mobile no was entered wrong and my aadhar got linked with that no.
    i am neither unable to delete the digi locker account nor able to change the mobile no.
    Please guide me.


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