IGI Delhi airport Prepaid taxi booth Contact number Customer Care Number. email id

IGI Delhi airport Prepaid taxi booth Contact number


Safest Pre-paid Taxi service at IGI Airport

The safest option for getting driven into town from Delhi airport – head to the Delhi Police pre-paid taxi booth! While the private cab companies charge Rs. 700 to 1000, you can get a taxi into Delhi city for as little as Rs. 270 from here (a mere US$4!) and it’s safe, tracked and recorded by none other than Delhi Police who are with you, for you, always and everywhere!


Benefits of traveling in Taxi or TSR from Traffic Prepaid Booths

: -Prepaid booths are operated under the direct control of Delhi Traffic Police.
-It helps to avert over-charging, refusal, misbehavior or harassment by the Taxi/TSR drivers.
-Taxis are presently operating from 2 booths i.e. Domestic & International Airports.
-Duly signed receipt indicating the Taxi/TSR number, destination, service charges, baggage charge if any and the fare is given to the passenger.
-Rs. 5/- for TSRs and Rs. 10/- for Taxis are charged for the services.
-This system is purely optional for passengers.
-One can SMS at 56767 for any complaint regarding misbehaviour by TSR/Taxi drivers

Delhi airport Prepaid taxi booth


24hours Traffic helpline

Delhi airport Prepaid taxi booth Contact Number

At Delhi Airport, the following taxi companies:

– Meru Cabs: +91 4422 4422.
– Mega Cabs: +91 41414141
– WTI Cabs: +91 7290037891
– Sakha Cabs: +91 9999 193 004

Opening hours: 24 hours.

All cabs are equipped with:
– A/C
– Digital Cab Meters
– Credit Card or Cash payments

⚠️Alert (Tips For Your Safety):  

In order to avoid scams, it is advisable to take a taxi at the counter located within the Airport premises.


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8 thoughts on “IGI Delhi airport Prepaid taxi booth Contact number”

  1. Even if you have paid the amount at prepaid taxi stand at terminal 3 ,you are at the whims of the taxi driver whether he will take you or not.if that does not suit them they wll make all excuses.There is no first come fist basis and no action on them it seems

  2. I booked pre paid taxi for Ashok Park and paid Rs.650 for AC cab. But the whole way the AC didn’t work properly. I told cab driver for the same, he replied that CNG cab takes times. But I travelled alone 1 hour 30 min in such hot weather.

  3. Namaskar Jee
    I would know if I can get a cab to Jaipur from IGI? My arrival time will be around Midnight.
    What would be the TOTAL FARE ALL INCLUDED to Jaipur Railway Station?
    Many Thanks Jee, for your answer and hope to travel safe with your company.

  4. The prepaid booth agent took rs. 500/- and did not give the 50rupees change. It was 3.30 am on 11.sept 2022

  5. The complaint mentioned by me has been resolved today at 11.30 am.
    Thanks a lot, Cab service for your quick revert.

    Regards, Kokila Gaur

  6. My contact No and UPI no is 9654170686
    I booked a cab at 9.00 am at T-3 from the Prepaid taxi booth for Northwest Moti bagh, the booking in charge has not returned me the balance amount of Rs. 200/ – kindly repay the same in my UPI no. mentioned above.

    Regards, Kokila Gaur
    Please note that the same has been notified to the driver: Kapil Kumar and his no is 98705 50487

  7. Where exactly is the taxi booth located ?

  8. Some Delhi prepaid taxi booth attendant are thieves. They will take cash INR 500 and quickly swap it with INR 100 and indicate you gave only 100. Even though this scam has been happening for years, seems no one has done anything like putting cameras in the these booths and getting these booth attendants behind bars.