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Debit Card EMI Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the steps to avail a Debit EMI?

Ans. Find the product you want to buy and visit the product detail page. If the product is available on your Debit EMI and your account is eligible, you will find “Debit EMI” within EMI section where you can check available tenures and interest rates. To complete the purchase, add the product to cart and continue to payment page. On payment page, you will need to select “EMI Menu” and then add Bank’s Debit card. Select the appropriate tenure and continue with transaction. You will get re-directed to bank page to complete the payment similar to debit card.

Q. How does this work, will my bank debit my account when I avail Debit EMI option?

Ans. No, your bank account will not be debited. Your bank has pre-approved an overdraft facility which will be used for this payment and you need to pay monthly installments to your bank as per the EMI option selected by you.

Q. I have 10K in my bank account and want to buy product worth 20K. Can I use 10K from my bank account and avail remaining 10K through Debit EMI?

Ans. You will need to make the complete payment of 20K using Debit EMI option. Your bank will deduct monthly EMI amount from your bank account basis the EMI option chosen by you.

Q. How do I check my eligibility for Debit EMI?

Ans. Your bank will send to you an email & SMS confirming your eligibility for Debit Card EMI.

Q. When will I be charged?
Ans. First installment will be deducted 30 days from date of transaction.

Q. How will I pay back my EMI?

Ans. Your bank will auto-enable standing instruction on your SB A/C to enable debit of monthly payments for EMI. Please make sure you keep sufficient balance in your SB A/C to cover for EMI amount. In case you wish to re-pay the amount early, you can contact your bank to close the EMI. Your bank might levy additional charges for pre-closure of the loan.

Q. What charges I need to pay to avail Debit EMI?

Ans. You will not pay any additional charges to Amazon for availing Debit EMI option. However your bank will charge you interest which is built into the monthly installment which you pay. You can check the interest charges and EMI amount on product detail page as well as payment page before proceeding to make the payment. If you are availing EMI using a HDFC bank or a Kotak bank credit or debit card, you will be charged a processing fee of ₹ 199 by banks & if you are availing EMI using an ICICI bank debit card, you will be charged a processing fee of ₹99 which will be billed along with your first EMI. For Axis bank credit card or debit card, minimum transaction fee will be ₹99 and maximum will be 1% of the order value.

Q. I have seen No Cost EMI being offered on products on Amazon. Will I also get No Cost EMI if I pay using Debit EMI?

Ans. No Cost EMI is now available on select debit card EMIs. To check whether product qualifies for No Cost EMI , see EMI tenures on product detail page.

Q. What if I cancel or return the product?

Ans. If your product qualifies for return, you can cancel the order or return the product within 30 days. Your EMI payment will be canceled by the bank. Please note, your bank may charge you foreclosure or cancelation fees.

Q. What happens if I cancel the one product out of many purchased together (multi-cart)?

Ans. Bank will adjust the refund amount and EMI amount will be re-calculated basis the new order price.

Q. Will I get a complete refund if the item is cancelled or returned if I have paid for the order using the ‘Debit Card EMI’ payment option?

Ans. Yes, you will get a complete refund to the extent of the EMIs paid by you (if any) for the item in case it is cancelled* or returned*.

However, banks may charge some cancellation/refund or pre-closure charges. Please check with your respective bank for their policy for Cancellations, Refunds, and Pre-closure.​

Orders for certain items cannot be cancelled after 24 hours of order placement, or returned once delivered. Please check the seller’s cancellations & returns policy on the product page for details.


Q. Am I allowed to change the EMI plan after placing the order ?

Ans. EMI plans cannot be changed once an order is placed

Q. DO I need to pay any down payment to avail Debit card EMI ?

Ans. You need NOT pay any down payment amount to avail this offer

Q. Is there any processing fee to avail Debit Card EMI?

Ans. There are no processing fee or additional charges levied by Flipkart for availing this payment option. Your bank may levy GST or other taxes on the interest of the EMI.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum transaction amount to avail cost EMI ?

Ans. The minimum and maximum transaction amount differs from bank to bank.

Q. Can I foreclose my EMIs with ‘Debit Card EMI’ payment mode?

Ans. Yes, you can, by contacting your bank for foreclosure of your EMIs.


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