CESC complaint email id Customer Care Number. email id

CESC complaint email id


Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Company’s (CESC) Customer Care Centre has implemented a web-based Public Grievance Redressal System (PGRS) with a software application that will address electricity-related complaints.

The complaints can range from billing complaints, disconnection, and distribution transformer failure, to interruption or failure of power supply, power theft and voltage variations.

CESC complaint

For Support on this service, kindly send us a SMS, type CESCOL and send it to 56070 or

WhatsApp us at 85850 79399 or 8585079400.

This service is available between 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday and between 9AM to 1PM on Saturdays, excluding Sunday & Public Holidays.

You may also contact us at cesc.olrd@rp-sg.in

Commercial Helpline (1912 / 44031912 / 18605001912).

CESC complaint email id

You may also contact us at cesc.olrd@rp-sg.in

You may also contact our Commercial Helpline (1912 / 44031912 / 18605001912).



CESC complaints Through SMS

The CESC is also offering SMS options for lodging complaints.

The consumers need to type CESC and send the SMS to 9220592205 or 56263.

Immediately, the Customer Care Centre will make a call to the mobile number from which the SMS is sent and receive the complaint.

Additionally, consumers can also lodge complaints on the helpline by calling 1912.

Website – www.cescmysorepgrs.com

Type CESC, and send SMS to 9220592205or 56263

Helpline – 1912

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