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AppKarma lets you earn PayPal Cash and Gift Cards when you complete offers (play with apps, watch videos, invite friends, etc …). You can redeem your points and receive your gift cards right inside the app.

AppKarma App Customer Care


How do I earn rewards? 
1) Click offer and install the app
2) Open the app and play with it right away
3) Follow any offer requirements (reach level 5, sign up for account, complete tutorial, etc) in order to get rewarded
4) Come back to the app. It can take up to a few hours before the advertiser issues the rewards
Maximize your chance to get rewarded: Even if the offer simply says “Install and Play”, we advise you to play a couple of levels, complete any tutorials, or sign up for an account and perform the app’s basic functionality.
I still don’t get rewarded, what do I do?  
You can apply for missing credit bonuses. Please send an email to with the following:
1) Offer Name and Reward Amount in the email
​2) Screenshot of the offer (from inside appKarma)
3) Screenshot of the app opened on your device
I don’t want to use appKarma anymore? How do I delete my account? 
Please contact
I forgot my password, I can’t sign in
You can go to Sign In > Forgot Your Password? to reset your password. Enter the email address that you used to sign up to appKarma with and we’ll send you a password reset link.

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  1. My account was suspended due to it saying “we have detected VPN use, Device ID changes, or access from blacklisted country.” I have not used a vpn, Nor a ID change. I dont know if america is now a black listed country from this app. But i do hope it is not. Please, I beg of you unsuspend my account. I have been trying to get a 25 playstore gift card. I don’t think i have done anything wrong.

  2. I have emailed karma app over 20 times about my two redemption one onNov22 and Dec 30 of $3 each time sent screenshots I earned everything my user name mazurri and email that’s link to my paypal all I want is my money I even reach level 37 what ashame I have apps with current app flame and other with the same paypal with the same PayPal card and have No problem with redeeming can I please have my money

  3. Ive sent your support email many emails…… Curious on whats going down with that… And looking for some notice on the payment i redeemed

  4. Hi please contact me this email address I want to reactivate my account
    I think it got deactivated because I have not been using it for a very long time.
    So please help me reactivate my account.
    Hoping for the best.

  5. I don’t know that vpn is not allowed
    Reactivate my account please
    I don’t use vpn next time

  6. I don’t know that vpn nat allowed
    Reactivate my account please
    I don’t use vpn next time

  7. Please reactivate my account

  8. Please reactivate my account, I donot use vpn for the next time

  9. Please I downloaded appkarma, then i n the process of signing up after typing my name and email they next was to input password which I did by inputing password of my choice they rejected it ” you must use only letters, number, or…… ” What am i to dO

  10. My account is suspend please

  11. I complete my app karma offer but I cannot received my reward within 24 hours so please send my reward fast