Appario Retail Private Ltd Customer Care number n Address

Appario Retail Private Ltd



Appario Retail Private Ltd

Appario Retail Private Ltd

Contact Number : Appario Retail Customer care

For questions about a charge that has been made to your credit card, please Contact Amazon. Questions about how to place an order? Search Amazon Help.

To contact Seller write to Appario Retail Private Ltd

Appario Retail Private Ltd

Subject: Contact Seller
c/o Amazon Seller Services Private Limited,
26/1, 10th Floor, Brigade World Trade Center,
Dr. Rajkumar Road,
Bangalore – 560055

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  1. Hi, this is with reference to order no 407-6738591-0690702 on AMAZON. I ordered an amazon basics cable on 1st Nov and it’s not working now. I want to claim the warranty.

  2. Hello….. Actually I buy a boat bassheads earphones from Amazon in August from your store and within 3 months it’s mic is not working and it have 1 year warranty. I want repair my earphones. Please help

  3. I have bought a laptop power cable through Amazon
    It is not working . it’s just been a month i bought.
    Please replace it .

  4. My phone changer is not working but it is under warrenty , I want to exchange it

  5. hai sir
    i was purshased sapphire rx580 from amazon ( by appario retail private LTD
    it is not good working
    so plz you give service or replace
    this is my contact no

  6. I purchased a matlek bluetooth from amazon its not working both sides please exchange

  7. I need to claim my warranty, for the product OnePlus Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition Bluetooth in Ear Earphones with mic (Reverb Red) stopped working can you please help to replace.

    Date of purchase:1-july-2021

  8. I had ordered an ethernet cable. It has stopped working in 20 days. Please replace. 🙂

  9. i purchased a msi z370 motherboard in 2019 it comes with 3 years warranty now its stops working …kindly repair or replace motherboard
    Ordered on 18 February 2019
    Order no. # 407-2626434-8001109

  10. I purchase keyboard (model no. zing Technologies ZQ-1133) through AMAZON on 12/08/2021 but now a day its not working (fully dead) as per company 1 year warranty kindly Repaired/re-place this product.

    ORDER NO.406-6501260-8048304 DT.12.08.2021

  11. I bought tygot mini key board with one year warranty now is not working. I need warrenty for the product

    I WANT ENQUIRY . THE THING IS MY FRIEND SENT ME I PHONE 12 IN 2021-6-21. Now my phone is damage i want invoice from ur side tht i show to i phone thn thy fix my phone. I hv amzon invoice but the ink was faded .
    My order no.is10746594443479531
    Invoice no.DEL51578934
    Please please help me
    Here is my contact details 7527972350

  13. I purchased a Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Gaming Headphones with RGB LED for 1999 through Amazon from your company on 11th May 2021. The headphone has stopeed working within 3 months time. I need to get it repaired/replaced. Please let me know the process for the same.

    Order Number404-5843426-2797164
    Mayank Tandon

  14. Hi,
    I Have purchased coolpad cool bass wireless Earbuds on January 20th 2021 which has 1 year warranty . The device is not working properly so i want to claim a replacement for it.
    Order No- 403- 7894016-0157115
    Invoice No-. IN- HYD8- 1034-2021
    Kindly help with this.

  15. I purchased Noise tune Active plus Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earphones from Appario Retail Private Ltd. Its not charging now and its underone year warranty period. Please guide me how to claim the warranty.
    I bought this product through Amazon.

    Order number 407-81210459773139 order date 4-2-2021

  16. Hi,

    I have purchased internet router on July 24th 2020 on Amazon which has a warranty of 3 years.Th device is not working now and I would like to claim a replacement for it.
    Order ID:406-1677992-0684326
    Invoice Number: IN-HYD8-1488817
    Kindly take this on priority as I’m unable to use internet.

  17. Hi I have purchased a ptron bassbuds to wireless Bluetooth headphones vide inv no DEL4-716416895-2021 DT 18.01.21
    Now there is a problem in one bassbuds is not working so I want to replace the same

  18. I have bought boat bass heads with wire from Appario Retail Pvt Ltd from Amazone, however same is not functional. It in warranty period. How can I exchange it

    Kindly help on priority.

    Invoice No. – MH-BOM3-1034-2021 Dated 12-10-2020

    Subhash Mhatre

  19. Hi Team,

    I had purchased DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Nano Drone Combo with one year warranty on Sep 1st 2020 from  Sold By :Appario Retail Private Ltd

    ORDER # 406-3771303-9757145

    Right now my drone switch button is not working, so I want to use my warranty.  Let me know the process of how to return and how many days it will take to repair or replace it.

    so let me know the details clearly.

    8019967128wats app (9652949664)

  20. I purchased 1 no. Binatone corded landline phone from amazon . order no. 405-3006275-9100344 on 19.10.2020 with a warranty of 1 year. the phone is NOT Working . pl. arrange for replacement / repair.
    mob: 9449869623

  21. Hi,

    I have purchased RockJam Piano Keyboard RJ761 61 Keys on 25th Oct 2020 with Amazon and the seller is Appario Retail. One of the key is not functioning and has become dead. It does not play any sound.
    Below are the order details:

    Order Number: 403-2111353-1774750
    Order Date: 25 Oct 2020.
    Product: RockJam RJ761 61 Keys Electronic Interactive Teaching Piano
    Keyboard with Stand, Stool, Sustain pedal & Headphones |
    B06XBZH1DZ ( B06XBZH1DZ )

    We are depressed to see this defect in the product. Please help us to arrange for a replacement or request you to provide the refunds.

    Thank You
    Praveen Jannu

  22. I want some blutooth earphone and head phone plz proved my no 8747083672

  23. I have bought ptron bluetooth bass buds from Appario Retail Pvt Ltd from Amazone, however same is not functional. The right bud is not taking charging and also other person is not able to hear me.

    Kindly help on priority.

    Invoice No. – IN-BOM5-1549094


  24. Dear Sir,

    i have purchased Sketchfab One Ear Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Headphones for Mobile Phone Sports Stereo Jogger,Running,Gyming Bluetooth Headset Compatible with All Devices
    Sold by: Appario Retail Private Ltd
    Return window closed on 11-Nov-2020
    when i opened the packing and charged the Bluetooth for 1 hour the Red light and Blue light reflected but i cannot able to connect the same to my Samsung A30 mobile. i found the blue tooth to be faulty . how can i get the replacement for it. My problem is that i am in Africa and i book the blue on my friend’s address and while coming to Africa he brought the same to me. i can only be able to return the blue tooth when i come to india. Is there any way can i get the replacement for it. i have another friend coming to my place. can yo please deliver the same to his address with out the faulty Bluetooth.

    This is the second piece i am ordering from you. First one i gifted to my Sister in law which was working excellent.

    Try to understand my problem and i am prime customer for Amazon.

    i hope you understood my concern. i was really upset when i checked the blue tooth is not working.

    My contact number in AFRICA – +233507865047 . You can chat on whatsapp for furhter queries.

    i appriciae if you can provide me the new blue tooth as a replacement for me

  25. I Anand Mishra from Pooth kalan Rohini Delhi 110086. I ordered a boat earphone for ₹415 and the ordered id for my earphone is 403-7955471-6297135 and I ordered it on 31.08.2020. I have my invoice and warranty slip so please come and take it back due to alot of misfunctiong in it …

  26. Dear Team,

    I had purchased of your company Earphone of Evidson Vibe from Amazon on 20th Aug 2020. Now the same is not functional. Request you to please Replace my Earphone asap.

    Order No. 403-5570448-1531519
    Date . 20th Aug 2020

    Please call me on this no. 8108844112

  27. hello Sir!

    i am very upset and sad to inform you, we purchased one Asus Tuf gamming f15 laptop15.6 FHD 144Hz intel core i7 10th Gen,GTX 1650 TI 4GB GDDR6 GRAPHICS(8GB RAM/1TB HDD+256GB SSD/WINDOWS 10/FARTNESS GRAY/2.30KG) on Oct 31st2020 ,Today i got it delivered, a box without laptop and instead of laptop i found A4 size papers bundle in it. my order number :171-8863549-8085162.please respond on this and do resolve this.Thank you.

  28. I ordered by Amazon order no 402-1869747-4732339 cover for tab ,I want to know weather it’s original samsung or any other brand.

  29. Dear Team,
    I Mr. Monish Nagrani have purchased Acer Aopen 19.5 inch monitor Model 20CH1Q on date 15.02.2020 but now it has error not clear at all. Request you to please replace this monitor as this is in Warranty.

  30. If I bought iPhone 11 in Amazon by your seller is there have return policy

  31. Don’t buy any product from Appario Retail.

    A class cheaters. All products are fake. Also not working after 15-20 of days purchase.

    Amazon doesn’t help u to get the refund or replacement.

    I got a product from Amazon. And now I am filing a complaint in consumer Court against Appario Retail.


  32. Hi team,
    Very disappinted from the Amazon( Trackng id 247557667656 ) and Appario Retail team.I ordered mobile redmi 8A by prepaid method it was not got to me its returned amazon team by midway and create new replacement. So I confuse where is the previous product that ordered its not return to the seller. I cannot track it.I want the Shipment Not refund.
    @amazonhelp and @appario team Need to sort out the issue…

  33. Hi,

    I have purchased Zebronics BT4440RUCF 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers, via amazon on 18th of September 2020, and received on 19th September 2020.
    The product which I received is defective, I am not even able to switch-on the device.
    Please replace the item or return the item, I do not see any contact details to reach to you.
    Please do the needful as soon as possible.
    I would be reachable via +91-8123284344

  34. 1. #404-7386678-8074716 – 11th September 2020 – Key Board
    2. #404-4453684-0144367 – 9th September 2020 – Monitor
    3. #406-2777227-9011500 – 4th September – Cabinet
    4. #406-1994792-3283519 – 4th September – SSD
    5. #406-7751061-4585916 – 3rd September – Mother Board
    6. #406-9362421-8843568 – 3rd September – Processor

    Pls note the above orders have been placed with AMAZON in the month of September 2020, Which we have received all the products from Amazon.

    Except item No. 4 (Order No. #406-1994792-3283519 – 4th September – SSD) all other products which we received intact.

    Regarding Item No. 4 (Order No. #406-1994792-3283519 – 4th September – SSD) the LABEL on the Product, Invoice and OUTER PACKING of the Product is Mentioned as 1 TB SSD. But When we started assembling the product it is showing the capacity as 120 GB instead of 1TB, As we believe we have been cheated by the party (Appario Retail Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore) which has send the product. We Request you to get a replacement of the said item with the configuration what we have mentioned in the Order. Hope that You will take this matter with utmost urgent as our work has been affected with this mistake happened from your end. We are hereby attaching The Product Pictures including the SSD attached with System which shows only 120 GB. (Screen Shot). Requesting You the take the matter as serious and resolve the issues at the earliest.

  35. Sir,
    I have made frequent attempts with the help of all possible various addresses to buy Dell Vostro 3581 15.6-inch HD Laptop (7th Gen Core i3-7020U/4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10 + MS Office/Intel HD Graphics/Black) but for every single address right from Mumbai 400001 to every tried one, it shows that cant be delivered to this address on Amazon. Kindly help.

  36. hi we required Lenovo Tab M7 qty -40 nos contact
    provide the contcat no

  37. Hi,

    I had buyed bluetooth speaker with inbuild mic, mic is not working properly my application calls I want to return it I am trying from delivery day but there is no option for return, when I click on return its going to replacement of same item which is not supporting for application calls. I want to return it please help me. I had buyed many things with Appario seller please help me to return this product.

    Invoice Number : IN-HYD8-2470794Order Date: 20.08.2020Invoice Details : TG-HYD8-1034-2021

  38. Plz help. Worst service. I need to exchange my apple pencil but no one is picking my phone.. wat the hell

  39. I brought Texas instruments ba II plus through amazon on 23 Nov 2019 and seller is appario retail private limited It is under warranty period …. problem is on off button is not working…how can I apply for warrenty claim.

  40. I want to buy Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) – Gold, but my area code 203205,201016,110046 all are shows not deliverable. How can i buy it now?

  41. iBall EarWear Base BT 5.0 i order in amazon at (5 feb 20) arriving (7 feb 20) now i got the problem.the problem is bluetooth no sound in fat power on/off also no sound but bluetooth was connected in moblie.
    Order Number: 406-7640817-2549109
    Order Date: 05.02.2020
    Invoice Date : 06.02.2020

  42. i bought a Realme buds Q from amazon recently which was delivered by amazon on july invoice date 01-07-2020 invoice no in-BLR7-1115871 so here the issue is my buds not working in proper one of the two buds so i want replace, or covered under warranty please make as early as possible with regards
    Rajesh grandhi

  43. I’ve bought House Of Marley headsets on october 2019. Now the right earpiece is not working. How can i claim the warranty?

  44. I want to purchase Apple watch series 5 44 mm gps and cellular in gold color is that available in . pl inform me. my cont. no. is 9837067289.

  45. i place an order for Oppo A5 2020 having order no. 407-5332475-5101944. I want to know the status of my order, is it underprocessing or not.

  46. I ordered Samsung galaxy Tab a 10.1 it’s so late to deliver here itself not shipped order id 171-7573684-5745154 please make fast to this pincode 636401

  47. I have bought a Blaupunkt BH21 Bluetooth headphone through Amazon on 22 Dec 2019.Order ID is 171-3537882-1933114.
    Order value is 2999.
    Now the same is not functional. M/a Blaupunkt has asked for the copy of invoice to check the warranty replacement.
    Please send me the invoice copy, so that I can take up the repair/ replacement under warranty

  48. i have purchased 6 months start G640 product but i lost pencil . Can you help us to buy only pen is not listed on amazon website by you.

    Pls call 9540142638,0129-4161099

  49. I purchased Mi 20000mah power bank from Appario Retail Private Ltd. Its not charging now and its under warranty period. Please guide me how to claim the warranty.
    I bought this product through Amazon.

    Order # 171-9228829-3683515

  50. I brought evidson headphone from amazon and seller is appario retail seller
    …its is under 1 year warranty how do I get service of this from your company

  51. Sir, I want exchange my smartphone but U doesn’t give an option to exchange that smartphone that I have ( 10.or D2 ) .sir, please help me in this case. I want buy your product with this change offer.
    So , please give an option to exchange smartphone of “tenor D2”