Aashirvaad Atta Lottery Customer Care Number. email id

Aashirvaad Atta Lottery


Atta Lottery where we announce 96 Winners Per Day! All you have to do is follow 3 Easy steps :
Step 1: Give Missed Call to +91 – 96034 96034
Step 2: Get notification in WhatsApp
Step 3:Send a selfie with AASHIRVAAD Pack on WhatsApp And you stand a chance to Win Aashirvaad Atta for 12 Months!
Hurry and Participate now…
For contest details and t&c visit www.aashirvaadatta.com

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12 thoughts on “Aashirvaad Atta Lottery”

  1. यदि आप की कम्पनी को गेहूँ खरीदना हो तो सम्पर्क करें

  2. Hello, I wanted to say that I have not received atta from the mnth of march. Earlier they said that they can’t deliver cos of the lockdown. But not it has been months after that . I called them lately, they said that they will start delivering the remaining part after 15 days. But now one month has passed and no one has responded. I have tried to call them many times but no one replied. Sorry to say but u have a very bad service and moreover it’s fraud. Kindly reply me asap.

  3. My name is Mitali swain
    Phone no 6371125762
    D- cuttack
    I have not received Aashirvaad Atta for the month March 2020.kindly look into the issue .
    No one responded this month
    It is very sad to see this kind of fraud.

  4. Not recieved any amount/atta bag for winning the aashirvad atta contest since february..
    No reply to mails..
    Extremely sad with the service…..

  5. Same with me I did not get the Amazon voucher

  6. Hello,
    My name is nikhil gupta 9*******6
    I was selected as a winner of ashirwad atta lottery contest, but from feb2020, i have not recieved atta as well as money in the paytm as opted by me,
    This is not good for such a reputed company, as this is effecting the image of the company very badly
    They should resolve all customers issues as soon as possible otherwise nobody will purchase atta from this company

  7. Given my confirmation for Amazon voucher but didn’t received it yet.. after reminding several times they are telling a lie that it’s has credited in ur Amazon voucher account… It is lost somewhere between the reputed ITC company and their customers.. pls check may be some people of company areusing that Amazon voucher instead of the winner… This lie and act is harming the image of reputed company

  8. I am very sad for aashirwad aata customer care service call not attend and no reply very bad service’s you are very bad my registration no 8445549395

  9. I am very sad 😥 for aashirwad aata service not paying my refund in pytm sence long time i am also waiting

  10. I have opted for cash instead of atta since march.but nobody contacted

  11. I have not received Atta for the month January 2020.. kindly look into the issue. No one responded this month. Area is Navi Mumbai .
    It is very sad to see this kind of fraud.

  12. my wife name is Meena soni
    Phone no. 9324330942
    She won lottery in September but no Aataa has come free
    I am very sad for this
    Do the needfull