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Google Task Mate Is Now in Testing in India, Users Can Earn Money by Completing Simple Tasks on Their Phone

Android Phone Users will be paid in his local currency for the tasks that they complete. The Google Task Mate testing was spotted by a Twitter, Reddit user, as reported by 9to5Google. While the app is available to download on Google Play, you can’t use it unless you have a referral code, which is available through invite only.

How to use and earn money from Google Task Make?

1. First download Task Mate app from the Google play store.

2. Then open the app and login with your Gmail account.

3. After that select the suitable language and click on continue.

4. Enter the referral code which is at the end of the page.

5. Accept the terms and conditions and then proceed.

6. You will get to see the available task just complete the task and earn money.

Google Task Mate invitation code


Below we collected Task Mate Invite Codes From Various Sources That are in Working Conditions,

Google Task Mate invitation code List


#TaskMate referral codes below:

1. MK3758 (Claimed )

 2. HDI4JD(Claimed )

3, DJB2J2(Claimed )

4. JS82ND(Claimed )

5. SJ39DJ(Claimed )

6. IDH2ND(Claimed )

7. 6FJ86G(Claimed )

8. GKOB6K (Claimed )

9. GI8YN8(Claimed )

10. HSI7H9(Claimed )

11. HWJ28D(Claimed )

12. HF69JL(Claimed )

13. AWD46F(Claimed )

14. WFR67F(Claimed )

15. DBO9JL

16. SB92NL 

17. SJ3L9S 

18. HSOE7D 

19.  Update Soon…

20. Update Soon…


Note: One code valid for one user registration. That’s all I have for now.

 if we found some others working invite code, we will share with you for sure. Wait For It. 😊


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