Corona virus test lab centers in India : Coronavirus Helpline India

Corona virus test centers in India

  1. What’s the test name to detect coronavirus?
    This strain of the coronavirus COVID-19 – does not have a readily available test kit. But it can nevertheless be detected by a series of tests in the hospital.
  2. Which labs can conduct the coronavirus tests?
    Tests for the virus can only be conducted in specialised labs that are certified to do so.

These are the testing centres for #coronavirus in India #COVIDー19

National Helpline Number for coronavirus: +91-11-23978046


52 testing sites for COVID -19 in India

Guidance document for Sate Nodal VRDLs and Testing VRDLs for COVID-19

57 Laboratories for helping in sample collection for CODID-19

VRDL Network across the country and their contact details.

Update:COVID-19 (27/02/2020)

Note on COVID-19 Laboratory Preparedness in India





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