Auto Rickshaw Complaint Number Customer Care Number. email id

Auto Rickshaw Complaint Number


How to complain against auto-rickshaw drivers / meter tampering

To report complaints against
auto drivers for not accepting short distance rides (or any rides),
asking for more than the meter fare, not using a meter or faulty meters,
intentionally taking longer routes, sexual assault or harassment,
taking other passengers along the way, carrying more passengers than
allowed capacity, stopping at bus stands or other similar complaints of
serious nature.
Process flow 

1. Complaints can be lodged directly to the Bangalore Traffic Police on 

  • 080-25588444(IVRS facility)
  • 080-25588555(IVRS facility)
  • 080-22943381(for up to 6pm)

 Or write to,

The Automation Enforcement Centre
13th Floor Pub, M.G Road,
Bangalore-560 001
Time Taken: Immediate

2. The Process to be followed is :

  • In case of refusal to ply, commuters can send an SMS to 52225 in the following format:
  • In case of overcharging, commuters can send an SMS to 52225 in the following format:

After the SMS is sent, the complaint is registered in the server, after
which a notice is generated and sent to the owner of the autorickshaw.
He then has to pay a fine of Rs. 100.
Documentation required (Information required)

  • 1. Driver’s license number and/or vehicle number of the auto
  • 2. Name of the Auto driver

Do remember: (Important points: Checklist)

  • 1. To call and make your complaint as soon as possible
  • 2.
    To note down the driver’s details as soon as you get into the auto and
    the license plate of the vehicle in case the drivers refuses you a ride.

Department / Organisation: Bangalore Traffic Police
Contact person: Bangalore traffic police helpline 080-25588444/555 and 080-22943030/131

Location: Find your local Traffic Police Station on the map


Bangalore Traffic Police
Excess Fare: SMS @excessfare <AUTO_NUM> to 9243342000
Kiirti: kiirti {message} to 56677 or

General links
To report excess fares and complaints against auto drivers:
Bangalore Traffic Police
Quick Guide to revised auto fares
List of traffic offences
Auto complaint numbers : BTP / 52225
24 BTP Hotline : 080-25588444 / 080-25588555

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